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Easy ways to earn money for students

Has just received a scholarship, and the pockets are already empty again? The familiar situation! Find out how you can earn money by spending less time and efforts.

Easy ways to earn money for students

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

3 min Read

Listen to music This work is a solid pleasure. All you have to do is listen to the audio recordings of young performers on the Slicethepie resource and express your own opinion. 10-15 minutes per day, pleasant (and, of course, not hard) votes - and a few dollars will be in your pocket!

Ask someone for lunch If your culinary skills go far beyond the scope of egg or roasted potatoes - hurry up to register with Eat With. This is a site where you can invite travelers for dinner at an independently defined fee, indicate the approximate duration of the meal and the maximum number of people to be feed.


... lecture notes When you attend all lectures and carefully write summaries, you can earn not only points for the session, but also a little money. You can sell your notes at, for example, Notesale.

…clothes In the new season, I want to replenish the wardrobe with something fresh. The easiest way to do this today is to sell things that just take shelves. There are many options here: both community in social networks, and popular today's garage sales (for information about them created even a special application - ARoglyph), and individual sites.

... books and textbooks Sometimes you get somewhere in the attic to your grandmother, and begin to clean it, but there is a lot of ​​all sorts of things: and stubborn books, and periodicals ... You don't want to throw them away, but you do not know how to use them too. There is a solution - everything can be sold!

... or old CDs, movies and games If you these things gradually losing relevance, it's time to give it in good hands! People who want to buy rare CDs have been, are and will be. Just look carefully!

Test sites Many big companies will gladly listen to your feedback on the convenience of their websites. Just create an account on one of the resources, and you can immediately take up work. Usually all payments are made through PayPal.

Become a Twitter Guru If you are an active user of this social network and you have hundreds of folks, there are people / organizations / companies willing to pay for the dissemination of information about their activities. The fee depends on the number of your subscribers and some other factors (age category, etc.). For example, you can earn from SponsoredTweets or PaidPerTweet.

Offer crazy services On the Fiverr site, you can invite a friend or friend in Facebook for a few days and put up other crazy suggestions. Of course, there is a place for more serious ideas: create a logo, translate text, etc. You determine the price for the service yourself.

Take on online tutoring To do this, you do not need a Candidate's Degree Certificate. Enough to be well-informed in certain academic subjects. You can teach a language for people three times older than you, teach maths or just help students to do homework. From my experience I recommend Ultius pro.

Register on photo studios What could be more pleasant than earning for your favorite work?

Become a YouTube star Apparently, we started to use YouTube more often than Google. Do you have knowledge you can share? Join YouTube Partner Program, and you'll be able to find out about the whole world.

Participate in online surveys This kind of forgery does not require much time: you have a free moment - you fill out a questionnaire and take part in a marketing research. Here are the sites that have something to offer: AskGFK, MOBROG, MYIYO and many others whose list can be found here.