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How I have transformed myself by investing my time in good books and interacting with wise people.

Life is all about facing challenges, overcoming shortcomings and winning courageously instead of dwelling in the past and making life miserable..Let's challenge ourselves to make our life worth living:)

How I have transformed myself by investing my time in good books and interacting  with wise people.

Thursday December 01, 2016,

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I would like to thank each and every person whom I have met in the 23 years of my life, it’s been an amazing journey. But, so far 2016 has been my favourite year among those 23 beautiful years. This year offered me a lot and allowed me to grow as a person, both mentally and spiritually. There always comes a time in life when one feels lonely, rejected, disappointed and lost. I think everybody in their 20s would agree on this hands down. We have high dreams and if we falter on our path to pursue them we become stressed and frustrated. And that’s exactly what happened in my case as well, but I am so thankful to all those people who helped me, supported me and especially criticised me while I was trying conquer those things which were really big for me. Somewhere criticism worked in a good way for me!! You need criticism to grow, otherwise you stay wherever you are so instead of giving attention to those people who appreciated my efforts I would like to thank all those people who really criticised my efforts and laughed at me… Thank you, Thank you so much… It’s because of you I have become strong, courageous, wiser and fierce…

Everybody in this world is an amazing human being, There are two aspects of us: Positive and Negative.

They both help us in becoming an incredible human being.

I would like to share my life journey with all of you who are reading this article, I am from Dehradun, who holds an MBA degree and is currently working with an IT company in Pune handling a post of Marketing Manager - Digital & PR….(Well my intention is not to bore you by giving my intro so let’s cut it)

I was an ambitious, hardworking, over emotional, self conscious, over pampered, rebellious, stubborn, go-getter kind of a girl with low self-esteem at times, someone who would care too much about others, care too much about what others think of me, and would seek perfection all the time. I always wanted people's suggestions though I had everything in my life- an amazingly happy and supportive family, good friends, good grades, popular in school and in college, everything what a girl deserves but still I used to crib when situations didn't fall in my favour (So, these were my traits before my Masters)

But Now,

I am compassionate, wise, decisive, don’t give a damn about what others think of me, humble in my action, believe in karma, courageous, hardworking and smart, confident and empathetic, I make my own way in times of difficult situations and take it as a part of life instead of cribbing about it. I don’t give unnecessary explanations to anybody. I have learnt that you can not please everybody. I have transformed myself in many ways, from eating outside food all the time to eating healthy food every time, outspoken to empathetic, instead of asking for help to offering help, instead of saying why me all the time to saying challenge me, and the list is long and never ending till the time I die.

My message to all the teenagers, youth and to all those people who are reading my article :

We all have a mission on this planet earth, we are born to do something incredible, but most of us don’t realise it. We are so occupied in our 9 to 5 lives that we don’t see life beyond it, it’s been so long that we haven’t seen what mornings exactly look like, waking up at 5 or 6 o’clock gives us goosebumps, going for a walk in morning or evening gives us heart attacks, talking about healthy food and going to gym or doing yoga makes us an alien and makes us feel as if we are from some different planet, going for a trek or going for a solo trip makes us insane.

but making a plan to have a a smoke, hookah or booze makes us go gaga, isn’t it?? Well is that all you want in your life?

A good paying job, looking elder than our age, our tummy looks as if we are 6 months old pregnant (applies to men) a bar to take out our frustration, and number of smokes with chai, having too much of sweets, smoking, boozing or talking about latest bar we have visited makes us cool.... finishing your work at 7 coming back home watching TV or some series and constant texting on Whatsapp and having 10 hours sleep and still saying they are so busy or on the other side there might be people who are workaholics and work I guess more than 12 hours in office have no personal life whatsoever. All those people who talk about starting a new day tomorrow but their tomorrow never comes. People who say they want to save for future that’s why don’t want to spend a single penny today, people who are so much satisfied or probably in too much pressure of work that they can’t even smile, they look at people in such a way as if the entire world is responsible for their situation.. well 1 minute of silence for all those people…..

I am a little young to talk about human psychology or human behaviour because I am dealing with my own mood swings, I haven’t become a millionaire yet but yes I am on the right track to be successful and when I say successful I don’t mean driving lamborghini and having a villa in Los Angeles. No. For me, being successful is getting satisfaction every single day instead of following the crowd blindly and yelling on the top of my voice or using somebody for my own good, making somebody’s life miserable so that I can become happy and rich, backstabbing, telling a lie to your friends and family and feeling happy about it… I am sorry these are not my traits…

Reading good books having healthy meals, taking care of my soul and body always thinking to improve myself, praying morning and evening, instead of engrossing my self on the phone or on random talks where one is bitching about somebody or commenting on somebody about their shortcomings, Yes, I have come out of it long time back.

Insulting others in a group or making fun of others instead of knowing what they might have gone through in past, sorry that is not my thing anymore.

Well this is my message to all the girls out there who have not realised their full potential and are still dependent on other’s point of view, please this is the time when you can make a change in your life. Start investing your time in good books, good cafe’s, start interacting with wise people, let’s not get jealous of each other we all are special and have our own uniqueness let’s conquer the world by supporting each other not through back bitching, let’s make this planet a better place to live and spread harmony. Everybody has their own struggles and karma, but let’s come out of it face it by taking the blame on your shoulder instead of depending on others, instead of dreaming about a rich guy to get married let’s become somebody who a guy wants to get married to uplift their status quo, a guy who wants to get married to you and is ready to pay for the wedding instead of asking for a dowry, your marriage should be such where your parents should be sitting in peace without any tension of thinking how the food is going to taste, whether relatives would be happy or not, In-laws would be happy or not, about the clothes which you would be gifting or the decoration or anything. Your marriage should be such where your views should match with those of your husband and his family, they should feel the pain of your parents to make you such an amazing human being and letting you go to start a new life and giving a new life to other’s family and should feel instead of taking a bahu at their home they are taking a wonderful daughter and should feel blessed about it.

Please make your life worth living start making big changes in your life to achieve big results. Make a list of 5 things which you want to change in your life and your time starts now! Happy writing :)


Deepa Jindal (Shikha)


Hi Everybody,

I am writing this article to share my life experiences with you my intention is not to offend any individual, I only want to empower every individual and become courageous, confident and wise enough to take their own decision and have the courage to pursue your dreams and have wisdom to decide what is right and wrong for us. This is my first article, I hope you would take something from it...Happy reading:)

Thank you so much:)

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