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How to aim when you are stagger by marketing options?

How to aim when you are stagger by marketing options?

Thursday June 21, 2018,

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In today’s world, each one of us gets stagger when it comes to aiming at marketing options. Be it a professional or non-professional person. We are baffled!


This is because we put off our hands to every, marketing strategy (online marketing). And unfortunately, we land up with the blank face by asking ourselves, “which plan of action worked”?

The same happened to my friend’s website. She kept on applying the strategies but at the end, turned out blank!

If you do too much with your marketing strategy, it becomes tough to keep the simplicity, to drive critical consequences.

In simple terms “Marketing” is getting people into your stockpile, once they are in, getting more them to purchase. And when it moves to online, you will see it as:

Two dimensions describe you about your signups-

1. A number of visitors you get on your website.

2. The rate on which you get your signups

Along which you should check every ploy, medium, and conversion hunt.

Below, is the framework which will explore you towards:

How to increase conversions & What to improve?

For this, you need to the mishap every marketing medium, landing pages and the content along with this two variable.

Taking four quadrants:

1. High Traffic, High Conversions

2. High Traffic, Low Conversions

3. Low Traffic, High Conversions

4. Low Conversions, High Traffic.

1. High traffic, high conversions:

Aah! You are the winner…

But here the anxiety of loosing. So, you need to oversee both the dimensions traffic and conversion rate to make assured that it is not lessened. Focus on one strategy which drove you towards success.

2. High Traffic, Low conversions:

For instance, you have traffic beats to 2,00,000 visitors, but you need to boost your conversion. So the trick is simple to work hard and as you have enough traffic it’s easy for you to test various strategies.

3. Low traffic, high conversions:

Here, you need an effective top-of-funnel to equip your conversion rate into a powerful number of new signups. Do not lose hope. Keep going…

4. Low traffic, low conversion:

You feel like down the dumps. But no worries, first of all, you need to drive traffic to your website and then you can test suitable marketing options to increase your conversion rate.

The above core groundwork guides you to break down your marketing dilemma and you can utilize one of the most primitive methods of marketing. Now, you can easily figure out what will work better & what not!

But always keep in mind first dig into the results which you already have and then look forward testing anything even if you are playing at safer side.

You can easily curve this groundwork into the process. Let us know how?

It can easily be processed by shuffling. You know where do you stand so accordingly prioritize your quadrants and execute by following ways:

1. High traffic, low conversion

2. Low traffic, high conversion

3. Low traffic, low conversion

4. High traffic, high conversion

Always set high traffic, high conversion in marching mode so that you keep on earning the benefits without destroying time in optimizing.

1. High Traffic, Low Conversion

No doubt you are likely ongoing to every sight of your audience but that traffic is not fruitful still, although you have good chance to test for conversions.

Here you learn faster. Again coming to the same point understand the kind of conversion scope which is leading the landing pages, content and channel as well.

• Utilize your conversion into content:

Example: One of the post of Groove he turned it as featuring 17, unlike email templates into PDF. And also you can copy paste from. And this worked well.

• Faceoff and use perfect methods:

Examples: Crazy Egg used minimal homepage which proved them wrong. The large form home page worked instead.

• No hurry, test everything peacefully to grow:

You can see how Yahoo mail app went to the peak of the app store, tested 122 tests in 10 weeks.

2. Low Traffic, high conversion:

Remember, when you are in this situation doing marketing efforts for this quadrant, you will understand your customer, but not your key audiences.

The simple trick if you increase the traffic, then your conversion rates goes down. Let suppose you had 200 visitors, who visited the page actively sought out. When it is at 200,000 visitors, thus visitors will be much lower (converting).

• Keep on emailing your customer and ask a subjective question to know them better.

• Old is Gold: Recycle your content

An example can be taken of Buffer.

3. Low traffic, low conversion

Here, definitely, you are going to focus more on the traffic so that you can reach to the first step. Through which you can kick off testing other options.

And most of the startups suffer on these step. Thus, it is said content marketing is a good option for the startups to structure their traffic and leverage their brand.

• Bring eyesights to your content, to build an audience

• Aim on the subject matter rather than keywords

• Devise the content with generous interest- Quora is best.

4. High traffic, high conversion:

Finally, when you reach this stage you are a real marketer. It feels like you are walking on air. To avoid groundfall, keep subsequent points in your mind.

• Always keep on exploring

• Breed your SEO uniformly.

Hope to see you all at this stage!

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