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Moobloo - A New Age environment Protectors

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

2 min Read

What can happen over a cup of tea? Well this can be best described by the two guys’ meghayu adhvaryu and Vishnu chevli. While discussing about several issues about the society and several problems faced in day to day life. They thought what they can do for the society! Being electronics and communication engineers definitely the track of thoughts would be more of technical approach!

And the idea popped out! They came up with an amazing startup idea called “moobloo” an interesting name and amazing service provider too. The company works on the repair of gadgets let that be your phones or laptops or even tablet. Well your gadget buddies pick your gadgets up, repair them and bring it back to you. That’s it? For all customers who are trying to find pace of being cost effective and quality effective. Moobloo stands for them like a knight in shining armour.What makes them stand out in the enormous number of startups? Today when startup companies pop out every now and then there are very few that are able to make mark! What made the mark was simple, effective and dedicated approach. The idea is not just about repairing gadgets the wish to do a little extra! What is that? Being environment friendly.

In the world where everyone is concerned about global warming, Moobloo works like a go green project! In what aspects? We have all heard about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. That is what exactly Moobloo does. Firstly getting your gadget repair is the best way to reduce electronic waste. Not to forget it saves some bugs too! Moreover the electronic waste produced by the company is recycled and managed so that least harm to the mother Earth is done. The initiative taken by them is remarkable. To make it more effective the company has tied up with a company Rerise which also works for electronic waste management. Moobloo tries best to manage the electronic waste. So basically moobloo not only fixes your gadget but is also trying to contribute to nature.

For all the customers out there this is an amazing option for your gadgets. Feel relaxed and be proud for you just contributed to nature. When you choose Moobloo you just took a step closer to nature. They can be called as your “TECHeco” a combination of technology and eco friendly!