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How to prevent yourself from credit card fraud?

How to prevent yourself from credit card fraud?

Thursday June 29, 2017,

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Even though credit cards are useful to conduct most of the transactions in our daily lives, they also come with an equal amount of risk. Credit card crimes are increasing and you must take responsibility of protecting them with utmost consciousness. Listed below are few tips that will help you do the same with ease.

Keep the PIN confidential:

Most of us easily share the intimate details with people whom we trust without realising that it can be conveniently misused. Few customers also write the vital details on the back of the credit card so that they don’t have to memorise it. Or if not they save it on their cell phones. All of these actions can lead to manipulating the credit card itself. Avoid these actions if you are doing it unknowingly.

Use what is needed:

Having too many credit cards can lead to lot of confusion. Keep only the ones that you want to use regularly and keep the others safe back home.

Guard them:

It is better to keep them close to you and stay alert to avoid losing them or having them being stolen.


Keeping a close track of transactions on a regular basis will only let you beware of where you have used your cards and you can pinpoint any unknown transaction immediately. Checking the statements will help you spot any suspicious activity and can help you stay away from being cheated.

Online precautions:

Having a strong passwords or installing an efficient anti-virus for your device can make a lot of difference. It only makes it tough for hackers to misuse your credit card. This will also discourage them to move forward in their intentions.

As simple as these may seem they are sure to stay you more guarded and alert. After all you don’t to end up losing your hard earned money so easily.