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How to invest for retirement: A step-by-step guide

There are many service providers for Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit in India. To make sure that your investment proves beneficial here is a step by step guide on how to invest in Senior Citizens FD.

How to invest for retirement: A step-by-step guide

Thursday September 21, 2017,

3 min Read

At this point of life when all expenditures are taken care off, and you have some savings left, the best thing that you can do with your savings is to invest it. Investing your savings can help you double your capital and increasing your inflow of money. It can also keep your finances balanced even during the rising inflation. Losing your money with risky investments can be fatal at this point; hence, you need a risk averse option like senior citizen fixed deposits .

When investing in any kind of sources you need to have information about the investments and its benefits. When planning on investing for financial security during retirement, the Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit can be the ideal option. Investing in fixed deposits is easy, you just need to follow these simple steps:


Find the Right Financial Institution: When investing in a fixed deposit account, you need to find the right type of service provider that offers you better perks, higher interest rates and better customer services. The most common option that comes to our mind is the banks as they have been around longer than the NBFCs. However, when it comes to services, NBFCs are much better than the banks as they offer better perks and better services in comparison to the banks.

Check for the Interest Rates: When investing in Senior Citizen FDs, the most important thing is the interest rate. The returns that you gain from your FD investments are entirely dependent on the interest offered by your service provider. When it comes to interest rates, the banks might not be an ideal option. To which you can choose NBFCs as they offer better and higher interest rates.


Decide the Tenure: Investment in Senior Citizen FD needs to be done by keeping the tenure in mind. A longer tenure can get you maximised profit but can also become a major concern in times of emergency. On the other hand, a short tenure will get your funds liquidated soon but with lower returns. In such situations, you can take the help of the NBFCs and choose for a monthly compounding interest rate with a longer tenure.

Check the Terms and Conditions: When you are done with looking for a better investment source and higher interest rate provider. You need to check the terms and conditions that are levied by the service provider. To save yourself from any investment related risks, you need to check all the related investment documents properly. It is important that you choose the service provider with terms and conditions that suit your expectations.

Choose the Desired type of Returns: The best thing about choosing an NBFC as a service provider for Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit is that you get the benefit of choosing the duration of the compound interest rate for FDs. The NBFCs provide returns ranging on monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis which can help people with a weak financial background.

When investing your funds at this time of life, it is important that you choose a service provider that offers security and returns. Banks can be the answer for security and returns, but there are other NBFCs that have high-security ratings and better returns.