In love with your brand new bike? Safety tips for your vehicle

Who doesn’t love a bike? The trendy look, high speed, easy navigation and the style statement you can make - a bike promises these and a lot more. While the younger generation wants a bike for its speed and style, matured people buy it for easy affordability and the ease of conveyance. Whatever be the reason, bikes are very popular among young and old alike. 

21st Mar 2017
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Road Accident Deaths in India

Despite its popularity, bikes are also prone to accidents and fatalities. In fact, in India, two-wheelers have resulted in a high number of deaths in road accidents. Look for yourself:


(Source: https://standupforacause.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/road-safety-helmets-seatbelts-saves-lives/ )

Safety Tips for Two-wheeler

As two-wheeler deaths are increasing constantly, you should follow some safety tips for your beloved two-wheeler. Here is a list of some such tips –

• Get your bike serviced regularly

When you use your bike regularly, there is wear and tear of your bike parts, which require regular servicing. Servicing also fixes any minor glitches you have in your vehicle and keeps its performance smooth and efficient. A smoothly running bike has a longer life and also lowers the chances of road accidents. So, get your bike serviced regularly.

• Wear a helmet

Even though it is legally mandatory when riding a bike, most of you do not wear a helmet when riding a bike. One cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a helmet. It protects against any head injury in case of an accident. So, always wear a helmet whenever you are riding a motorcycle. Not only you, but also the pillion rider should wear a helmet when riding along with you. Just in case you do not know what a pillion rider is, it is someone who accompanies you on your beloved bike. After all, his/her head is also important, isn’t it?

• Spare your mobile during a ride

Is a phone call as important as your life? Many people talk on a mobile phone when riding a bike. This habit, not only increases the chances of accidents, but also causes serious injuries if you are not wearing a helmet at the time. So, concentrate on the road when you drive and avoid using your phone.

• Buy a bike insurance policy

As much as you follow road safety rules, your bike might be damaged due to circumstances beyond your control. Fire, lightning, earthquake, theft, etc. also pose a threat to your beloved vehicle. Moreover, if you cause harm to any third person due to your bike, or damage any surrounding property, you are liable for the damages caused. To protect against the financial implications of such damages, you should buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy. The policy would compensate for your bike-related damages as the policy covers:

1. Third party liability arising out of any bodily injury or death caused to a third party. It also includes damages caused to any surrounding property.

2. Own damage cover for your bike. This cover compensates you if your bike suffers damage due to any natural calamities or any man-made disasters.

Moreover, many comprehensive bike insurance policies also have a Personal Accident Cover for you, the driver/owner of the bike. This cover is, usually, granted for Rs.2 lakhs and is payable in case of your accidental death.

So, to protect and safeguard your vehicle, you should buy a bike insurance policy.

• Include add-on riders in your bike insurance policy

Just buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy is not enough. You should also include important add-on riders in your bike insurance policy for an enhanced scope of coverage. Some common add-ons available with a bike insurance policy include:

1. Passenger cover which covers the pillion rider against accidental death or disability

2. Zero depreciation cover which provides the full amount of parts repaired or replaced rather than their depreciated value.

3.Accessories cover which also compensates you for the cost of bike’s electrical or non-electrical accessories in case of a damage

4.Medical cover which covers the cost of medical expenses incurred in case of an accident due to your bike.

You should choose the add-ons as per your requirements. For instance, if you often ride with a co-passenger, the passenger cover would be suitable for you. The zero depreciation or an accessory cover provides you a higher compensation in case of repairs. So, choose a suitable cover and increase the scope of protection.

If you love your bike, following these safety tips would ensure a longer life for your bike and also for you. Follow the basic road safety rules and buy a comprehensive insurance plan with suitable riders to protect your bike. 

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