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How I reacted in my struggle to plan my passion

My struggle made beautiful. The story begins here.

How I reacted in my struggle to plan my passion

Friday February 24, 2017,

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In my school days, my life was full of baggage and burdens of books. A bookworm always confused as to how to grasp the entire chapter of the book in an hour. But when I found my answer it was too late. I graduated with that same confusion. With a creative bend of mind I was supposed to take Arts but as the legacy of my family followed I was pressurized to take commerce. And being unsure of my interest I choose commerce. Numbers never interested me. Further, I landed on with a job in a reputed firm with a high pay scale. I believed now things are going to fall in place now. But I was wrong . With my confused goals, I made my every day a struggle. A struggled to find that willingness to work effortlessly.

I said enough is enough. It was high time for me to deconstruct my confused mind. I left my job took some counseling only to find my passion. I said “ I am not in the rat race” I want to work in the harmony of my mind.

Those days were pretty ugly I was isolated from all my friends and family. People looked upon me a failure. But I could see that thin ray of light the hope – that it is only me who can make it right. I can’t change the world but I can change myself. Things happen to us but what matters is how you choose to react to it. In an urge to sort out my life I started planning my life. And to my surprise, my life was not supposed to unfold according to some pre-defined plans influenced by how others I should or could achieve success. Planning also sank into my daily routine work. This over planning made me worry too much instead of having fun along the way. In order to avoid this mechanical life, I tried experimenting an unplanned life. It was liberating. Things unfolded with greater ease and surprises. It was just going with the flow, there was space for my intuitions and gut. My spontaneity sharpened and I started hitting the axe where it was hot.

But there was a trap at both the end, planning prevented me from messing up your life with miserable mistakes and surprises but at a price of mental exhaustion. Whereas an unplanned life brought in it with the effortlessness of spontaneity but at a price of risk. Therefore it was time for me to take a calculated risk for my passion, which was a midway between planning and spontaneity ( un- planning).

In order to bring in the balance in-between planning and spontaneity, I started planning my passion. Just as a cook needs to plan out- what he passionate to cook (destination) about, what all ingredients are required while cooking. And when once everything is planned out it is time for him to show his creativity in preparing it (journey). Similarly, I figured out what I am passionate about. Where is my destination? Where I want to land. And whether my destination was rational enough to reach at or not. Once I have planned my destination correctly it was time for me to enjoy my journey. As I continuously stayed motivated during my journey an effortless creativity sunk in. My journey becomes more enjoyable than my success. This spurt of motivation further helped me in de-procrastinating my work, releasing the pressure of meeting the last moment deadlines i.e. my goal.

Today I am free to write about anything that interests me supported by some bucks that I earn. Which is simply motivating. I learn during my journey I earn during my journey. Thus to conclude I can say Showing your creativity within the boundaries of a planned passion helps you explore the right opportunities at the right time. This is the key to success.