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How to overcome the difficulties in hiring quality sales executives in India

It is never easy for the recruiting leaders to select the best sales executive from the lot. Their challenges aren’t limited to the strategic difficulties.

How to overcome the difficulties in hiring quality sales executives in India

Thursday November 16, 2017,

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 With the on-going changes in the corporate world, recruiting the professionals is proving out to be the next big challenge. Keeping track of the “largest current” and handling the multiple challenges of the recruitment world is making the job of recruiters quite tough. Here is the list of top recruiting challenges that cause exponential damage to the firms.

Intense Recruiting Competition Generated as a Result of Huge Number of Applicants

With countless jobless individuals out there, often managers and recruiters pick too many applicants. It is hard to find the right candidate from so many options available out there. Also, with the improvement in the economy, more and more people are turning out to be job seekers instead of handling the corporation. This shift has resulted in intense competition and added to the difficulties of corporate recruiting functions. It isn’t easy to solve the intense competition because of the fight over candidates and prospects. Being a recruiter, you need to develop a plan and create an effective model to beat the heat of “war-for-talent.” Even if you attain success here, you can’t guarantee the best selection due to lack of resources.

Increased Number of Open Positions Overloading the Recruiting System

It is not only about the fight for individual talent when it comes to recruiting. The increase in the volume of open positions further stresses the existing recruiting systems to an extended limit. Furthermore, the retention problems at the Companies lay more pressure on the hiring volume, making it daunting for the recruiting leaders to handle the things. With the increase in corporate turnover, the job market is opening up in specific regions and industries. The employees focusing on job security are beginning to realize the importance of move on in search of better job prospects.

 Underdeveloped Hiring Manages/Recruiters With Diminished Capabilities

Generally, recruiters and hiring managers have low competition and this further degrades their capabilities significantly. And to the top of the fact, the companies have little money for training or development for either managers/recruiters which affects their growth. The new environment takes a toll on their capabilities, eventually, they fail to perform their job efficiently. As a result, finding the right candidate turns out to be even more daunting for them.

Antiquated Recruiting Ways Are Slow And Restrict the Results

The business world is evolving at a much faster rate today. Unfortunately, limited recruiting resources stop the professionals to maintain their speed capability or to focus on shortening the hiring process time. Top candidates always have multiple offers and they simply don’t wait for the indecisive hiring managers to make their final decision. There are high chances of losing high profile candidates due to the delays. Generally, it’s difficult to reduce the hiring time unless you have a reliable recruitment agency by your side.

 Out-Dated Recruiting Strategies

Obviously, a strategic plan lacks focus without proper direction. It may even produce weak results. Surprisingly, most of the recruiters don’t operate with an effective recruiting strategy and this affects the quality of their selections. But even if they formulate a strategy, they need to update it from time to time in order to keep it aligned with the intense global recruiting market. In addition, the strategy should feature a competitive analysis of the company’s recruiting competitors in order to make the strategy highly effective. It is not easy to achieve competitive advantage and superior results when it comes to recruiting.

Limited Recruiting Resources

Today the companies need to keep their hiring budget significantly higher. So obviously, with the higher budget, the expectations to increase employer brand, recruiting speed and recruiting volume are also high. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for most of recruiting to quantify the tremendous impact of recruiting on the company’s revenue. Also, lack of sufficient recruiting resources lowers the confidence of hiring managers. Therefore, it is best outsourcing the requirements for recruiting agencies to get the best results without any hustle, at a cost-effective price.

How Mintly is Making Recruitment Easier?

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The Concluding Word

Out-dated recruiting metrics affect the credibility of the hiring managers/recruiters. They will never be listened to unless they have the right metrics demonstrating and quantifying the impact of new hires on corporate revenue. Instead, it’s wise enough to hire a recruitment firm to ensure high-performing hires. They not only measure the quality of hire accurately but also offer highly credible services at budgeted rates. Only a few corporates can efficiently hire top innovators and performers with high retention rates and advanced skills. Having a recruitment firm by your side not only gives the assurance of quality hire but also empowers the recruiters to deal with the upcoming recruiting opportunities and issues. Be sure to hire the agency after a thoughtful consideration in order to get the best value for your money.