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5 reasons why a freelancer needs time-management skills

Staying focused is very important for the success of any freelancer. He or she needs to stay disciplined and motivated for purposes to manage their time well. 

Monday July 16, 2018,

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Without the proper time management skills, a freelancer can be carried away by the many distractions on the way and fail to deliver at the end of the day. Professionals from MyHomeworkDone service recommend careful time management for all freelancers who what to succeed in what they do. Here are top 5 reasons as to why this is important:



1. To Enhance Workflow 

Freelancers handle various clients at a go. That means a careful look at the amount of time required by each of the assignments. This way, you will not end up spending a lot of time on a single assignment hence forgetting the rest. Failure to do so can affect your total earnings in the event where you are not able to tackle each of the assignments because of time not spent well. If you can track your time well, your productivity will be enhanced as a result.

2. To Prevent Procrastination

Closely monitor how you spend your time on all assignments. If you yield to the many distractions popping up from time to time, you may end up missing a lot of deadlines. This would force you to procrastinate and affect the time for other assignments as well. At the end of the day, there will be very little that will have been accomplished. Piling assignments to complete in limited time span is not good for your overall performance. The quality of your work may be affected by a lack of sufficient time hence the need to plan to avoid such procrastination. See figure 1 below: 

3. To Keep Off Multitasking

When you multitask, your productivity goes down by a big margin. At first, it looks as if it is an efficient approach towards accomplishing your work but in essence, it takes up a lot of time and may even involve a lot of mistakes. If you knew how much time to allocate each assignment, you will be careful to do it one by one and not multitask

4. To Know Who to Work For

If you track your time well, you will be able to point out to clients that you can keep. There definitely are some clients who need more time than everyone else and they are not willing to pay for it. They keep sending a lot of emails, taking up a lot of your time as you read through and attend to their demands. Tracking the time spent vis-à-vis the amount paid for the work would help determine whether to keep that client or not. Anyone costing you more money than what you earn is a liability and must be dropped.

5. Make Informed Financial Decisions

In the event that you don’t know how much time you will be spending on a particular assignment, there is a high chance that you will under-quote and charge less than it is supposed to be. Even though you cannot estimate time accurately, proper experience and knowledge of how much time it will take to complete the work are needed to estimate well. If you don’t do that, you may suffer losses. Compare time versus earnings for each project to help you match time and cost for future assignments. 

The Bottom Line

They say time is money hence the need to track it in order to boost your revenue by the end of it all. You need proper time management skills to be established as a reliable paper writer service professional.