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ReligiousKart – Reconnect with Religion, Reconnect with You.

A story of the triumvirates and their ongoing quest of bridging the chasm between folks and their faith.

ReligiousKart – Reconnect with Religion, Reconnect

with You.

Saturday December 24, 2016,

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Whether it is senility, stressful work hours, the sheer dread of waiting in long queues or haggling prices on products and services, people today want an easy way to satiate their need for everything. The challenge to provide becomes real when the need in focus is of religious products and services. The present technologically-advanced society wants every possible thing on a single portal, and ReligiousKart aims to provide just that.

ReligiousKart was established in 2014 at New Delhi, by Gagan Gautam, Nikhil Bansal and Ajeevansh Gautam.

Gagan Gautam, co-founder of ReligiousKart says, “Every one of us has been raised with strong religious and spiritual influence. Yet due to geographical, economical or temporal constraints, many are unable to receive blessings from the Almighty through puja, prasad or other religious products. We strive to bridge that gap, quickly and effortlessly.”

Gagan Gautam | Ajeevansh Gautam

Gagan Gautam | Ajeevansh Gautam

 Nikhil, co-founder, a Chartered Accountant by profession says,"We want to become the aggregator of this unorganised sector and pioneer this selfless approach for the user's convenience". Upon the inception of the company, Ajeevansh, co-founder, says, "We were deeply troubled by the knowledge of the grey area in the religious market of the economy that in order to do right by those ardent religious customers, ReligiousKart came into being.” 

If variety is the spice of life, then the assortment of products and services ReligiousKart has to offer will make your eyes water! ReligiousKart provides Online Prasad of many renowned temples namely, Golden Temple, Kashi Vishwanath, Vaishno Devi, Siddhi Vinayak and more to the people in and outside India. They provide Online Pandit and Online Puja services along with Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and Rudraksha Consultations. By planning to create a specialized Wikipedia and news alert platform for all things religious, ReligiousKart is helping making people’s lives better, one order/call at a time.

The Trio has an incredible team at their side, with Aditi Khinda whose six and a half years of experience in Marketing and Sales with companies such as Snapdeal and Zomato provides a great impetus to the entire company. Beeru oversees the lead operations, while Tanmey and Akshay manage the Creative & Social Media fronts respectively. An efficient team of interns assists them in market research, content development and social media marketing.

Team ReligiousKart

Team ReligiousKart

Social Media has been a significant factor in popularizing ReligiousKart, along with pop-up stalls, pamphlet distribution and SMS service. “The best medium for marketing is always word of mouth,” says Gagan, “It feels gladdening when returning customers recommend us to others. It is a proof that we are doing something right and bringing smiles upon faces!” Their One-Day Delivery* and Free Shipping services have garnered praises from the consumers.This journey came with its own unique obstacles. The most prominent one would be outsourcing their technological framework, which was a very risky venture. The broad target audience meant more scrutiny and restraints. The biggest challenge of all would be the apprehensions of astrologers, pandits and vendors about the working of online consultation and e-commerce technology which ReligiousKart strives to resolve every day. 

ReligiousKart has come up with a unique approach towards business and religion: a high-quality, time-saving concoction of the two for those who believe in the myth that being spiritual and religious needs a lot of time, effort and of course, money.”

*Applicable in Delhi-NCR only