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Employment prospects in Australia for International Students

Employment prospects in Australia for International Students

Monday August 28, 2017,

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In Australian Universities, student visa allows to work up to 20 hours a week. International Students can work during their semester and unlimited hours during vacations. Australian Universities can help you in finding the work opportunities for you in retail store, hotels, cafes, bars, tourism and sales & marketing. But if you have experienced earlier you can find your own work according to your preference while studying in Australia.

Working while studying reduces your living expense and you will gain experience that will definitely help you in your future career. After completion of your graduation, post graduation or PHD degree you are eligible for post study work permit under temporary Graduate Visa. Thus, you can stay back in Australia after studies to gain practical experience. As Australian degree is highly recognized you can seek employment in any other country also.

Working while studying can boost your Job Prospect

You Develop Language Skills- Different Countries have different language. Though English is one common language in all countries but while interacting in new culture, it helps you develop your language skills. Learning multiple languages is not beneficial but it is a necessity. If a candidate knows more than one language it increases his preference during full time employment.

You Sharpen your Interpersonal Skills- Interacting with people from different walks of life will hone your interpersonal skills. You gain unlimited access to culture and traditions of other countries that give you an invaluable experience.

You start taking Initiative- After developing language skills and interpersonal skills you are not afraid from new experiences and thus you start taking initiative. You start becoming more responsible and on which people can rely upon. Undertaking work experience during your studies gives you the ability to face challenges and enhance problem-solving skills.

You gain Work Experience- After completion of your graduation or any other degree, you will not only have your degree to show for further job but instead you will have experience letter also in your hand. You build networks in your field and it expands your option also as to where to work.

Therefore, it helps you to stand out in whichever way you want.