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LexiConn - A First Mover In The Content Space is Going Great Guns!

LexiConn was born out of passion and nurtured with skill. India's premier content agency began with an interesting story.

LexiConn - A First Mover In The Content Space is Going Great Guns!

Wednesday November 23, 2016,

3 min Read

The idea of LexiConn Content Services was born out sheer passion. It was not a planned foray. Its founder, Khamir Purohit, a post-graduate in management, was a wealth manager with a bank. However, his interest in reading and writing was pulling him in a different direction. He quit his job hoping to chase his passion in an advertising agency or in corporate communications. None wanted to hire an engineer who pursued an MBA in Marketing and sold mutual funds for a living.

He ended up combining his passion with the knowledge he had gained in marketing and communication to start offering business writing services.

LinkedIn was Purohit’s launch pad. He presented himself as a business writer and soon had a local travel boutique approach him for a web content project. It was a small project but was big enough for word of mouth to spread around - here was LexiConn, a ‘dedicated’ content company having a sound understanding of business and good writing talent. These two qualities have remained the biggest USPs of the company and helped it grow exponentially.

The journey began in July 2009 from a desk at home. Purohit hired his first employee in early 2010 and has since grown into an organisation with 30+ employees. The beginning was with a few clients, as it ought to be, but was with a few big brands. Future Group, Godrej Interio and Ambuja Cements were some of LexiConn’s initial marquee clients. LexiConn made inroads into these accounts and bagged multiple projects across verticals and needs. This also gave the content services company a wider exposure and much-needed impetus for developing newer services.

LexiConn today offers services like content strategy, content marketing, visual content, editorials, CEO talking-points, branded content and more. LexiConn has been an early mover in this space. Purohit says, "I cannot over-emphasize the significance of content marketing and how it is going to matter increasingly in the years to come. Already, both B2B and B2C segments are showing robust growth worldwide and content-only agencies must develop and achieve critical mass in a manner of speaking to fuel the growth’’.

The company has so far served over 600 clients from 20 countries. “In any quarter, we work with at least 75 clients. We cater to 8-10 clients on a daily/weekly basis,” said Purohit. The company's current clientele includes ICICI Lombard, Croma Retail, Edelweiss Partners, Landmark Shops, Shoppers Stop, L&T Finance, and more...

“Today, we are again standing at the cusp of an evolution. Content is changing. Its form is changing. Written content is no longer enough. It is certainly not the future. We are innovating to include images, video, and audio into our offerings,” added Purohit.

An e-learning project LexiConn bagged in 2011 boosted its revenues 300% in that year. Since then, the company has maintained the momentum. In 2015, another project from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), further bolstered the company's position. Subsequently, the company has entered long-term contracts with BFSI companies and e-commerce firms for ongoing content requirements.

Purohit says LexiConn has a partnership approach. We help our clients plan their content calendars. “We take ownership of our client’s web properties. We work like their extended team.”

With the emergence of new channels, the need is even greater for brands to make distinctive connections with highly segmented audiences addicted to multiple media, multi-cultural advertising, shorter attention-spans, and multi-tasking. The need of the hour is expert content agencies which understand B2B and B2C segments and can tailor content services accordingly.

LexiConn is well poised to reach newer heights in the content business.


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