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OPS drama: The trouble waits for Sasikala and Dinakaran

The 'O Panneerselvam' team is planning to create more troubles for Sasikala and TTV Dinakaran. As OPS team and Sasikala Pushpa have already filed their complaint through Election Commission, the Mannargudi family is in the state of serious discussions over the next strong move of their political agenda. 

Friday March 10, 2017,

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Sasikala camp have been keenly analysing each and every step of Panneerselvam since his emotional speech at Marina beach. The OPS team is literally campaigning against Sasikala and her team by continuously raising voice against TTV Dinakaran's appointment as AIADMK deputy general secretary and for investigation over Jayalalithaa's death. He even got positive responses from the people of Tamil Nadu. MP Sasikala Pushpa is also working in support of Panneerselvam. TTV Dinakaran responded to the notice which is actually sent to Sasikala by the Election Commission. OPS questioned this act and requested the Election Commission not to accept his response. Now, the EC again ordered Sasikala to respond to their enquiries. Sasikala team discussed the issue with their legal advisors. They said the same to Sasikala who is in Bangalore jail. Sasikala is about give her explanations and it seems her response may impact Dinakaran's appointment.

Even if Sasikala responds to the Election Commission, Panneerselvam is planning to make continuous troubles for them. According to sources, Panneerselvam team is closely in contact with the important members of Mannargudi family. As per their observations, Panneerselvam is analysing to make next encounter against by TTV Dinakaran and Sasikala knowing the pros and cons. Due to restless political situations and inner disputes in Mannergudi family, Sasikala and TTV Dinakaran are maintaining utter silence over the allegations against them.

Especially, sometime back, Sasikala and co expressed high interest to buy a house which is in the heart of Chennai. It seems Panneerselvam is about to make fresh allegations along with that house owner and music director Gangai Amaran.

Even when BJP failed in their attempts to rule Tamil Nadu, they have given a routemap of the same to Panneerselvam. It is this reason why he has taken the issue of Jayalalithaa's death. He has also requested for CBI enquiry over the issue. By starting investigation, OPS and BJP jointly plan to put an end to Sasikala's political desires. The Central Government may help Panneerselvam to enter into Apollo premises. All these acts, which is extensively covered by the leading news portal, are seen as disadvantages by the Mannargudi family.

In these circumstances, it is unfortunate that Jayalalithaa's nephew Deepak raised allegations against Mannargudi Family. While he made various allegations over Dinakaran, he become silent after a short visit from Bangalore. They are trying to calm down the issues internally.

In between, the Election Commission has announced its stand over Sasikala's appointment as interim general secretary. With this, her earlier intervention of including and excluding party members were also become invalid. In this way, Panneerselvam is seeking to claim his position in the ruling party.

While OPS team commenting about this issue, they said, " We don't have any intention to break a party that was built by MGR and Jayalalithaa. At the same time, we are only opposing the domination of Sasikala in the party who were not even seen as a party member during Jayalalithaa's tenure. If AIADMK acts as per Sasikala's will, it won't be accepted by one and half crore party cadres.

We have spoken to the MLAs who stayed at Kuvathur resort. They assured we will support the one who is serving the Party at large. Even it currently works in the leadership of Edappadi K palanisamy, many have expressed their displeasure over the rule.

After Sasikala's arrest, the party is under the control of Dinakaran. Many party members remain silent in pain. Our fight will win! They won't able to answer our questions which we will ask during the coming budget sessions. Moreover, the issue of Assembly trust -vote incident is still in Court. We believe we will get justice. They say we are in favour of DMK and BJP. As they couldn't answer our questions, they are accusing us with wrong allegations. However, we have the support of our party members and people. "

Meanwhile, as usual in any inner-party disputes and according to the reports of the popular news journal, TTV Dinakaran rejected all the claims by OPS camp and expressed confidence over their rule in the party and the state as well.

Alright! time (Oops..not the international magazine!) will say the truth and until then we are supposed to wait and watch! 

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