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The “One Word” which separates failure and successful one

The “One Word” which separates failure and successful one

Sunday October 01, 2017,

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A goal can be anything some wants to master trading, some want to quit their soul-sucking corporate job, some want to start a business, a salesman wants to achieve his target and the list goes on.

When it comes to setting and achieving the goal few people are great in this and few fail miserably.

There is something which keeps successful one away from the failures. What is that one mantra?

The key difference between successful and failure one is the consistency.

Everybody has their own dream and we know how to achieve it and we know what value it adds to our life and we are working on it but all are not achieving it, why?

Consistency is an important skill which has to be practiced or has to be built to achieve any goal. Without a plan and work your goal is a mere dream. Without consistency, all your works are mere efforts and never gives a result.

We can interchange the word consistency with perseverance both means the one thing, don’t give up till you reach the destination.

But there are few detractors to consistency which has to be identified and uprooted.

1.We lose our consistency when we deviate from our aim and start focusing on something else. It’s all about priority when you set your priority right and strong, your consistency level will be maintained.

2. When we are ambiguous about our goals then inconsistency arises. While setting goal both feasibility and required time frame have to be studied. A goal without the right amount of time is a mere plan you can’t achieve it.

Make a clear plan before you proceed.

3. We lose consistency when self-doubt arises. Self-doubt is the by-product of fear which arises when we compare ourselves with others when we doubt our goal when we are not excited about the end result when we take rejections as dejections.

All the doers chasing a dream has to undergo this phase at one point in time. A champion will overcome this phase and a give-up attitude guy ends his dream and starts dreaming something else.

Fear and Greed are the two important factors which drive the market and individual to an extent, it can be success or failure.

People who handled others fear and greed wisely is a millionaire  now.

When fear and greed are tamed nothing can distract your consistency.

4. We lose consistency when our work is discouraged by others. We need to keep ourselves motivated throughout the journey and it is mandated to train our subconscious mind to be composed and calm.

If you could visualize the success in your mind and register it in subconscious mind then don’t worry your conscious mind cannot spoil your consistency.

Believe me, our subconscious mind got greater power to accomplish anything. It is up to the individual how effective we are in training our mind.

5. What is Next is a million dollar question?

When we intend to achieve something big in life and we usually split our long-term goal into shorter ones and subdivides the shorter one further to make the travel easier.

What we miss in the travel is to ask the question “what is Next” if we don’t keep this question coming after our trivial achievements we will never move up anymore.

Putting the question “what next” will induce us to move to the next stage which will eventually accomplish our larger goal. This is like a fuel to maintain consistency in our career.

Dhoni and Virat Kohli are great in cricket but if they fail to deliver consistently in their matches then we know how the world will coin them.

Consistency is the one word everybody should remember to achieve their goals.