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Choosing from different kinds of door levers

Choosing a suitable door lock and knob set is an important decision on which depends the safety of your home.

Choosing from different kinds of door levers

Saturday September 23, 2017,

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More often than not, we fail to pay attention to the little things or the slightest details in our daily life. We know that a good quality piping is essential in any home for the advanced sewage systems to function properly. Also, proper insulation and many such small details are often not given much importance. But we must pay attention to each and every detail relevant to the proper and smooth functioning of our household. Let us discuss another insignificant part of our homes: the different kinds of door levers. Choosing a suitable door lock and knob set is an important decision on which depends the safety of your home. You need to choose the right door lever whenever you need to install, replace or upgrade your door hardware. Here are some common types of levers.

Non-Locking Type

The most common type of lever is actually the non-locking type of a lever which is usually used in storage areas, closets, or even decorative doors. These levers could be opened effortlessly and are very much in demand for use in pantries and laundry rooms. Moreover, the best part of these levers is that they would not need hands to open. These could be easily identified because they are really smooth and have not a single hole on the lever.

Privacy Lock

Another kind of lever is the privacy lock. These levers do not have any keys. They would be working by simply depressing a button present inside the lever. These levers are commonly found in children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room which need to be closed but does not require to be locked up completely. These could be easily differentiated from the rest thanks to the tiny pin-shaped hole that is present within the lever. 

Keyed Locking System

The keyed locking system would be working just the same way as any other door locking system. These are, however, quite professional and sophisticated to look at and these could be opened without any effort while working with things in your hands. These levers work well on the entrance doors outside the apartment doors, in professional settings such as boardrooms etc. The lock has been strategically positioned on the shaft and the lever would stay unmarked.

Lever with a Keypad

Another popular type of a lever is the one that is available with a keypad. These levers are just right for ensuring 100% safety in maximum security areas. These are ideal for an apartment building entrance, storage facility entrance, entrance to a laboratory which stores important constituents locked up inside. These levers are identical to any other lever just that they would be having a keypad attached. They would be having a switch or a manually operated key slot for allowing access to their keypads.


Different kinds of levers have unique uses and are an integral part of our everyday existence. Now that you are well-equipped with the information relevant to levers, the next time you need to go shopping for a home refurbishment project, you would have no difficulties in identifying the right door lever for the right job.