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Want to ‘transfer money abroad’?

Want to ‘transfer money abroad’?

Wednesday August 23, 2017,

3 min Read

Forex online portals are providing comprehensive solution for some basic forex facilities of outward remittance, forex card and foreign currency cash at your door-step for your abroad travel. We common people want to send the money abroad quickly through safe hands, couple of years back the banks and money exchange houses and various private agencies were the medium for international money transfer. Nowadays, the abroad money transfer scenario is changing with the advent of internet; one can send money virtually to any part (almost 150 countries) within 24-48 hrs. Why hanging with the oldies? The new era is offering you the best option to transfer money abroad with forex online portals. Can you imaginemere three steps can get your money transferred to an abroad beneficiary account?

Forget the hassles of visiting the banks or money exchange houses and embrace the online foreign exchange portals for international money transfer. Yester years made you buy the currencies at low rates with various dubious charges and namby-pamby officials reluctant to answer queries forcing you to be an ardent visitor for almost a week to ten days to send the money overseas. From the verified online account with the service provider you can transfer money abroad within 24-48 working hours, with transparency. Active customer officials are there to guide you and answer your each query during the working hours.

To enjoy the benefits of international money transfer from your cozy corners all you have to sign up in the online service provider portal and ask for pick up of the required documents to verify your identity, address & KYC. It takes almost 24hrs for KYC verification; once the verification is done you can log in into the registered account and can avail the forex facilities provided by the online service provider.

Get the suitable exchange rates for the day, then convert INR to the required foreign currency and get the value you want to transfer overseas. Login and add beneficiary account details &purpose of transfer. Then transfer the required amount from your existing bank account through RTGS/NEFT to the online service provider account and initiate the transfer after the amount gets credited.

If the money is credited into the online service provider account before 4pm of the working day & you initiate the transaction immediately, then the money gets transferred the same day. 

When money gets transferred in just few clicks why go for the oldies, sometimes new things are also good. Forex online portals offer fair rates compatible with the market rates, less processing charges and service taxes, festive offers, quick transfer and safe hands. As a common man you get proper value for your money and safe hands for transfer hassle-free, solving your ordeal. From the cozy corner you can initiate the transaction any time of the day & any day of the week, irrespective of the holidays.

Next time you need an international transfer, then go for forex online service providers. Your problem their solution, a great combination for successful money transfers abroad in just a few clicks.