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Procrastination about starting up

You are still thinking about starting up. Congratulations!

Procrastination about starting up

Saturday August 05, 2017,

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Have you decided to start your own startup? Yes you have made your mind about starting up but no action has been taken on it. You are still thinking. Congratulations! 


So now you must be familiar with word "Procrastination". For others who are not so familiar, it is the action of delaying or postponing something. Postponing or delaying an action you wanted to take. This is common behavior among the human beings. 

You have a good paying job. Great work environment and future but somehow not satisfied with current status. You want a change and have decided to startup. No i am not saying that startups are the only thing other than jobs. So you read various posts about startups, business models, funding news, etc. Join various startup related groups on Facebook, like several pages and also follow important people from ecosystem. But you don't take the next important step i.e. working seriously on your business idea. You keep delaying for some other reasons. There also people who have no job or have left earlier to startup but are at same position and keep procrastinating. This behavior has been shown by all at some stage of life but very prevalent among the aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Always we keep putting off the task for next day.Our mind is saturated with some kind of fear. Either is a fear of failure or courage. And this phenomenon keeps on increasing by passing of each day. Finally we are depressed. This leads to anger, low self-esteem, irrational behavior, eating disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Here are the few reasons for procrastination about starting up-

i. Starting up for first time

ii. Not having a solid business idea or you keep changing the idea

iii. Less knowledge about the domain in which you are starting up 

iv. Financial or investment related thoughts

v. Fear of failure

vi. Family or peer pressure

vii. Not having long term vision

viii. Not having a mentor to share your views

ix. Time

Procrastination about starting up leads us to no where. We start doubting our self. Our abilities comes in question. We remain in same old position. All this leads to wastage of time which is precious commodity for entrepreneurs.

So how can an aspiring entrepreneur prevent this behavior? While there are no such powerful solution for this but few simple steps can be taken to decipher this mystery-

i. Talk to a fellow entrepreneur and share your views

ii. Always do a thorough research of your idea

iii. Attend few of the startups meet in your city to listen the views of fellow successful entrepreneurs

iv. If monetary issue is prevailing, talk to family members for a support

v. Don't exit your friend circle for sake of starting up

vi. Read books

vii. Check few sites on this topic

If you are starting up, then must follow James Clear articles. Also follow Time Ferris, motivation videos on TED.com. Read this Guy Kawasaki book . Hope this helps fellow entrepreneurs.