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Why You Should Travel And How You Can Earn While Traveling?

Traveling is healthy and can benefit you by building you into a smarter, independent and better person.Travel will make you feel good by witnessing the beauty of places around the world.

Why You Should Travel And  How  You Can Earn While Traveling?

Friday December 23, 2016,

5 min Read

Do you ever wonder regarding your existence or asking yourself about the meaning of your life. The dream of traveling while sitting in your office cubicle gives you a straightforward reason to escape from your daily work routine. Funny  thing though but life is all about having a number of the different set of experience that you can have and traveling is the "best way of having new experiences"

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”
Travel Happiness

Travel Happiness

In our life, we are so busy that we are not able to think about the things that matter and traveling gives us time to think about our problems and way to solve those problems. Trust me, when you start your own journey you absolutely enjoy your travel, feel more confident and you learn a lot of things. People travel for business, vacation, to inspire, to write, to explore but eventually, it stops your monotonous life and brings calmness to it. 

Don't know whether to travel solo or group tour. Sometimes best travel companion you can have is yourself, but solo travel isn't for everyone and that's okay, if you want to travel solo for first time then it can be very challenging and stressful as you have to do lot of research and planning on your own but overall it can be wonderful experience and surely turn you into smarter and better person. The best part of solo travel is that you are the ruler of your Itinerary and you can stay in your budget. Whereas  travel agency has specialized expertise and can actually be a better option for some people because these travel agencies provide great value with minimal stress and hassle. Taking care of your accommodations and meeting your travel need is now responsibility of travel agency and you can have more fun but it can cost much more than an independent trip. It probably depends quite a lot where you want to go and what you want to do there. So plan a vacation for your next holiday, Are you confused? whether to travel solo or with group/family.

Here are small tips that will defog the advantages and disadvantages and helps you decide!

Advantages of Solo Travel

Complete Freedom - You're the boss

Alone Time - Figure out your problems

Experience New Things

Become Independent

Gain Confidence

Save Money


Dealing Loneliness

No Support


Awkward Situation

Advantages of Group/Family Travel

Minimal Stress


Comfort in hard times


Information from Guide


Different Interest

No Privacy

Less Involvement with Locals

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If travel is your fever why not make an opportunity out of it in a long term. The travel professionals have a dynamic, interactive and creative profession.

As travel and tourism industry is the fastest going industry across the globe, the opportunities in this industry are getting broad. There are various travel and tourism management institute offering courses to get practical knowledge of this industry. For those who want to convert their love for travel into a career here is the list of a profession that has travel as a job description.


Tour Manager

Tour manager generally organizes a tour for a group of people or individual for various locations. They make sure the whole trip go smooth and provide support from beginning to the end. For this job, the requirement is friendly personality, general education, interest in history and culture. They provide in-depth knowledge of tourist destinations and design itineraries, also make sure of your travel arrangements and needs. They generally work for big to small scale travel companies, as independent contractors and full-time employees.

Travel Blogger

If you love travelling at some point of your life you must have thought of becoming travel blogger, it seems easy but it's not. There are hundred of travel blogger who writes about travel tips, people, food, locations, wildlife, history, reviews but not everyone falls on "travel blogger of the year" page, what you need to do is figure out your center theme of blog. Write because you want to share your experience and tips, not for the freebies and coupons. Money won't come easily, your initial few trips would be self-funded but as your blog will gain popularity and engage your audience you can fund your trips through it.


This is common misconception nowadays that clicking photos with your DSLR make you a photographer. That is a just magical gadget that allows you to take really good photos without any professional skills. There are many ways to make living through travel photography but what you need to do first is get out in the world and start shooting. The world isn’t that simple anymore, Have patience don't shoot like a tourist wait for the perfect capture if you can't afford to travel find out locations in your neighborhood. 

Can travel photography pay the bills? Yes, the scope is abundant and all you need to do is work hard and expand your skills. Income sources Magazine/Newspaper Work, Client-direct sales, Blogging, Sell your prints, Offer your services.

Flight Attendant

Yes, Flight attendant is the most patent job to travel the world and it is enjoyable. Imagine just setting up and traveling to new cities and country for most of the month. The primary job role of a flight attendant is to ensure comfort and safety of passenger in the aircraft. To become a flight attendant you must go through proper training from academy and certification through aviation federation. The important qualities for flight attendant are communication skills, customer service, attentiveness and decision-making skill.

Teaching English

This is one of the most popular jobs around the world, almost every non-English speaking country around the world is searching for English teacher and teaching English in abroad can give you great experiences. The teacher with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification from a reputable organization has a huge demand worldwide and the job really pays well with other benefits. The main advantage of this job is you can choose any country around the world and knowing their native language is not a reason to worry about.