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6 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2020

6 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2020

Saturday July 18, 2020,

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The role and relevance of social media have immensely increased in the last decade, and the year 20’-20 has opened a new era for the digital marketing world.

The second decade of the 21st century is half spent. Well, the year did not turn out the way it was expected, but there is always a silver lining beneath the grey cloud. It coined many new challenges that lead to finding innovative solutions.

The local stores and offices have been forced to put a lock, but the show continued. Thanks to platforms like digital media, now it has become easier to turn the business online. Don’t let this lockdown adversely affect the business. Invest in low budget yet high return social media marketing plan.

Social media has emerged as a promising platform for marketers and buyers and this lockdown period has proved that how with the right technology and SMM tips one can beat the blues of lockdown. Many small and mid-size businesses have found more ways to expand their business through the social media channel.

If you are moving to a social media platform with the hope to hit big then you must know the latest trends of social media platforms to make the most out of it.

SMM Trend in 2020

1.      Personalization is new trend: The success of a marketing campaign depends on how well a campaign is designed and to design it well one must know their audience well. Platforms like social media are not only helpful for spreading the word, but it is also a wonderful place to grow the community, know the buyers, and understand the market.

Nowadays consumers have plenty of choices. They are bombarded with ads everywhere. If you don’t want to miss your audience in this crowd of advertisement, then make your effort more personal and genuine. Serve personalized advertisement to the consumer so that they can connect with the brand on a personal level. Platforms like Facebook have made it easier to target the selected market and offer them a personalized ad for higher ROI. Know your market segment and design a promising plan for the long run.

2.      Authentic Influencer: Promoting your brand and business through an authentic influencer is the latest trend. Hiring a major influencer with huge fan followings won’t be easy for small start-ups and small businesses, but finding a voice that can create the market with trust and confidence will pay you in the long run. For small budget firms hiring a professional influencer might be risky then can utilize their team, employees who believe in their product and market to work as an influencer. When a close connected person spread a word about the brand, people find it genuine and connect easily.

3. Fuel the campaign with ephemeral content: SMM Platforms are crowded with all types of content. Attracting the users with regular content is not easy, but with ephemeral content, it becomes easier to grab the attention. The short, engaging and transient stories provide a quick bite to the readers. The growing engagement rate of Instagram and FB stories, Whatsapp status indicates the trend. Many brands have adopted an ephemeral content strategy to stand out and they are reaping the benefit of it.

4. Social commerce for selling products and services: Platforms like FB, Instagram, and Pinterest have now turned into mainstream retail channels. Brands are using a social commerce platform to sell products and earn revenue. People can buy and share their reviews with others.

5. Video content is high in demand: Short videos with great content are high in demand. They are informative and engaging. Short videos with stories have higher click and view rates. Almost all social media platform support videos and live streaming. Many emerging brands have occupied market space with a smart video marketing approach.

6. Local targeting made easy: One of the biggest strengths of the digital marketing platform is it helps in filtering and targeting the market. If the business needs to focus on particular demography, then social media websites can help you in connecting with the desired market.

The social media platform provides a chance to be creative in your approach. The way people and the market is approaching social media for advertisement and promotion.

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