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Step into the smart city with smart water management

The story is about Smart Water which includes 24x7 availability of pure water, with metered connection and 100% water leakage stoppage. Smart Energy, using IoT devices to control the energy supply till consumption.

Step into the smart city with smart water management

Friday July 06, 2018,

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The 21st Century is marked by the rise of Global Economy and third world consumerism will certainly not be dominated by America, China or India but by the cities that become the nexus of economic and political competence. Today more than half of the world population lives in the cities which offer Meta geography for the world, each having unique aspect and roles. In current years, megacities have become global drivers and are often considered as countries within themselves. 

The emergence of cities is closely linked with a significant historical change with the transition from exploiting livelihood to production livelihood. Rapid urban growth is the new phenomenon where urbanization, a trend shows no sign of declining but considerably and fairly changing our lifestyle, work and shaping our future in a better way. The cities don’t have to be big, it has to be smart.

With the increase in urbanization, India will exceed 60% in the coming 30 years. Critically, it is important for the local government and policymakers to have a sustainable infrastructure plans to solve the issue on a global level. The urban city needs to be upgraded to become smarter for meeting the benchmark to deliver a high quality of life. 

A smart city is the most promising step to ensure a self-sufficient and sustained environment. The water crisis is the most growing unprecedented threat in the upcoming year as it is estimated that 40% of Indian citizen may not even have suitable drinking water by 2030 hence it is mandatory to have a smart water management system while planning a Smart city.

What is Smart water management system?

Smart management includes the effective and efficient use of available resources to the most competent degree. In the smart system, there is very little waste. Information technology companies have provided the technology to ensure every drop of water to be used to the utmost advantage. Care and appreciation of this valuable resource have made water a very sustainable and renewable commodity.

A smart water management system guarantees the effective use of data obtained to ensure quality practices of water management right down to transportation methods. Water flow, pressure, and distribution, all have a meaningful place. Data collected through the smart system knows the exact usage and calculates the forecasting of future usage. Because of the advanced technologies provided via IT companies the water .distribution and management is efficient. The smart water management system is sustainable and partners with the green economy. Water management systems are the key component in renewable resources. Water is considered energy when used by the residents and facilities of a smart city, so energy management also comes into play here.

Elements of Smart Water Management System

The processes include planning, distribution, management, and use. Water is a necessity of life, Inappropriate management of water can cause mega woes. Advanced technology provided by major information companies has given us the means for smart applications. Smart water meters are one such example. The smart water reader would be classified as advanced metering infrastructure, along with automated metering reading various stages of marketing play big roles in the smart water management system making it a strong member of the green economy. Monitoring water usage in an efficient method is made possible through smart technology. The continual new merging of innovations by Ajeevi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers the ultimate in products and services for the complete smart water management system.

Smart Water Management Systems in Smart Cities

Smart water systems provide security to all consumers and the system itself. Strategic water resource decisions are a must and guaranteed through smart technology for all residents of the smart cities. Smart technology is being employed for the ultimate efficiency in the way water is paid for, operated, and regulated. Smart water metering is being deployed globally for the betterment of the planet in combination with the green economy. Data is collected and communicated through the smart system which keeps the smart water management system in the tops as an essential service. This comes through IT companies and the innovative platforms they provide. The accurate and timely collection and distribution through communication technologies of reliable data relating to water use have become a reality in giving the ultimate in efficiency. Smart water management is what makes a city smart.

The author is Vishal Gupta, CEO & Founder of Ajeevi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.