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How to get leads to your blog

Lead generation is one of the most desirable outcomes of content marketing. It is something that is achieved and sustained, successful blogging is a surety. However, you really must up your game when it comes to working on how to earn the loyalty of blog readers. After, all, you want an emailing list that constitutes only quality subscribers. This post has explored a number of ways to get you started. But it’s not the end. There are much more you need to find out about.

How to get leads to your blog

Tuesday February 13, 2018,

4 min Read

Now back to the gist of this. How do you generate leads that convert into sales? Successful internet entrepreneurs have shared their ideas when it comes to this. However, it should come down to working around something that is not only the best but also hugely successful. Take a look below for some of the most important tips from a professional researcher at Assignmentgeek to get you started.

1. Live Chats

A few years ago, live chats were literally annoying. They would occasionally pop up on a page, thus interfering with one’s browsing experience. But that was then, perhaps because they were not properly designed. Today, they are the hooks that catch the biggest opportunities almost instantly. There is a range of live chat tools you can opt for but for purposes of generating high-quality leads, be ready to answer to messages sent through live chat functionality on your website. The more active this part of your website is, the more leads one is likely to generate because customers can easily move to other competitor websites if they are kept waiting for long in the chat queue.

2. Answer questions in online communities and forums

Bloggers and online business owners meet and strike deals in the most unlikely of places but it’s worth it. A forum like Quora has increasingly become a goldmine for knowledge and skills. But it doesn’t end there. A good number of people who have been able to answer to questions satisfactorily and professional on Quora can attest to the fact that some high-quality leads have originated from there turning their business around. Consider this, you reply to a question about content marketing posted by a real estate agent and he or she follows a lead to your website and proposes a business deal such as helping them with SEO. How good is that?

3. Partnerships with strategic businesses

One of the ways through which websites thrive is by striking partnerships. But the question is; how do you do this? Well, it’s pretty much simply especially if you have something to show for it. Gather reliable data and information about local businesses near you. Next is to make a list of proposals you want to negotiate with them such as offering discounted content marketing and SEO services if they are not doing well in such areas. If you are indeed an authority in your line of business and it is something demonstrable. Help other businesses achieve higher status such as better ranking and they will return the favor by recommending your business to others.

Heidi Cohen, a marketing expert, shares on her website, top lead generations tips used by top businesses and here is a screenshot that summarizes most of them according to Deborah Weinstein of Strategic Objectives

4. Never stop posting quality content

Sometimes it can be really tempting to skip a few months or weeks without publishing a new post on your blog. One of the reasons why this happens most of the times is that you may be convinced the business is already established and losing page visitors is far-fetched. This is a mistake that can be very costly. Truth is you must have won the hearts of a good number of subscribers through high-quality content they bumped on through organic search. It, therefore, means a good number of such readers keep visiting your website because there is also something new to read and learn from every day. The moment you stop posting or the quality goes down, such clients will automatically vanish and you can be sure of sliding back into recess pages of SERPs.

5. Share your content extensively

They say sharing is caring and when it comes to doing this on the web, it’s simply magical. Today, almost every website has plugins for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Blogging doesn’t end with publishing posts on your website hoping that people will eventually come across it. This is wrong. If it was the case then, what is social media for? It’s important to keep tracking your SEO score using a good number of tools available for free on the web. However, it’s never an end in itself. Remember you are aiming at generating more leads and there are even handier approaches and tools to incorporate into your content marketing strategies. Consider the necessity of sharing content across different social media platforms and it will double your efforts when it comes to that. In fact, chances are that new readers will become subscribers. In other words, content sharing has always given rise to multiple leads originating from different channels. A case in point is when a lead from say Instagram results to a new member in your mailing lists.