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Recent Move of Microsoft to Discontinue Social Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with social engagement carries the potential to power your marketing efforts as well as social media presence to increase your productivity in an efficient way.

Recent Move of Microsoft to Discontinue Social Engagement

Sunday February 17, 2019,

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Social media is ruling the whole world and playing a very important part in our communication across the globe. It has become very important for companies to discover how they engage in social media and figure out how to integrate it with their business-oriented activities to achieve their goals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with social engagement carries the potential to power your marketing efforts as well as social media presence to increase your productivity in an efficient way.

Use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online along with Dynamics 365

What exactly social engagement is?

The social engagement of Microsoft focuses on how the user engages on the social media platforms such as Facebook, microblogging giant Twitter, Instagram to build the best experience for their customers. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online along with Dynamics 365 on-premise including the internet facing deployment enabled, the online posts can be linked to a Dynamics 365 record in the social engagement panel.

In a phase where we end up spending our precious time along with resources and hard-earned money and doing lots of research to curate quality content, but all these efforts don't turn out to be worth in the present scenario. Any business platform wants an active audience to react to their content, to download our e-books and follow their social streams. By posting some attracting posts on various social media channels and predicting that the audience will figure it out and engage itself. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the Microsoft Social Engagement app which was very popular. It allows sales and marketing.

Importance of Social Engagement App

But in one of the recent move, the team of Microsoft has decided to discontinue the sales and services of social engagement, one of their premium social listening toolset. Moreover, the organization has planned to project their Dynamics 365 AI for the existing and new customers and take it to the next level for better productivity.

However, the current customers of the MSE can still access their service latest by 16th January 2020. Microsoft Social Engagement permits the enterprises to keep a check on the online activities that include social media posts, blog posting and many more. One of the major difference in MSE and D365 Market is the inclusion of web insights along with social insights.

Customer who purchased a Dynamics 365 plan got MSE for free, though it could also be purchased on its own. The intent of the customers is very clear that they need a solution which can provide them with a detailed insight into their social and web activities. In order to do this, Dynamic 365 is upgrading itself with AI capabilities to capture the data from the social media platforms along with the search engine queried data.

What other features are included along with social engagement?

  • Social Selling Assistant - This tool allows you to personalize the social engagement experience and discover new ways to connect with your target audience.
  • Sentiment - By the help of this feature, market interaction will become easy. This amazing feature carries a sentiment map that allows you to search various keywords and campaigns and then visualize a map where these terms were searched in the real time. It offers you maps that you can use to go for an in-depth search for zones where your product is getting some genuine feedback.
  • Analytics - One of the most amazing tools helps you to discover the people who actually engaged on your page and also gives you a detailed insight into their behavior along with their activity chart.

Benefits of MSE

  • The posting on social media platforms can be circulated to the relevant audience directly using the Dynamics 365.
  • One of the best advantages of this tool is that it gives the real-time analysis of the customer behavior using your social media platforms.
  • It gives space to your team to improve their creativity and work on the product in order to boost sales.
  • One of the best parts about this tool is that it captures the audience actions and understand how they behave towards your company on various social media platforms and how they take up your competitor on this.

When it is handled with efficiency, the social media engagement help the organization to boost their growth and leaves a long-lasting impact on their clients and customers.

It was rebranded as Microsoft social listening and the product turned a corner in 2014 when the team rolled it out to CRM online customers and re-engineered it as an early Azure-based solution that used natural language processing and increasingly, machine learning to do sentiment analysis across many more languages than it had previously.

In recent years, the product has seen steady if incremental, updates on a monthly basis. With the same capabilities being transferred to Market insights, they will lay the groundwork for the solution.