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Most Wanted Digital marketing Apps for Internet Success

It is difficult to ignore the might of digital marketing in creating a connect with customers in this Internet-fed ad mobile-connected era.

Friday September 09, 2016,

3 min Read

Digital marketers have become behind-the scene gladiators who push brand promotion and customer engagement using tools and techniques that normal users have the slightest idea about.

Being tied to a laptop and wifi connectivity is just not enough to wade through the mesh of the Internet. It calls for the supplementary power of mobile apps too.

Browsing new blog topics, pinning posts, monitoring campaign performance or even tweeting a quick snippet, etc. become possible on the go with the help of a mobile app. For digital marketers mobile apps are like steroids that will add muscle to their efforts.

Are you a digital marketer? Then, these mobile apps must be on your smartphone to make you an even better tech-savvy digital marketer.

How do I manage my multiple social accounts? Say Hello to Hootsuite.

With more than 10 Million users, Hootsuite is one of the Most widely used social media management platform. Period. Hootsuite is a single dashboard from where you can schedule, manage and monitor all your Facebook, LInkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter posts. All the accounts can be integrated into a single dashboard which saves you time in hopping from one social network to another to repurpose your content.

Oh, and Hootsuite gives elaborate analytic reports on how your campaigns are performing from time to time.

How do I stay on track with the trends? Read feed from Feedly.

The best of the world’s curated news under one roof (or web page). Feedly has always been first to go to app in the mornings. It gives splendid articles on various topics from all over the world which in turn end up as inspiration for related blog posts.

How do I measure my campaign RoI? Google Analytics. Period.

Of course, digital marketers literally live on Google Analytics feed for most of their time. For a newbie marketer, the web interface might seem overwhelming with too many figures and metrics. The GA app levels up the field for all with a simple interface that spews the same information but in an easy to read and understand format.

An alternative for Google Analytics? It's named Analytics Pro 2

Analytics Pro 2 will bring the Google Analytics interface to your iPad or iOs device in a delightful easier manner. Segments allow segregating several sessions for further imploring. 3D touch is a great way to choose options and to audit the metrics of various campaigns. Furthermore, reports can also be exported and printed if needed.

Where do I get blog ideas from? Head to Quora.

Why Quora? Because you get crazy ideas and questions that people all over the world want to know about. Quora creates a hotline to the thoughts and perceptions of your target market. With endless list of categories to explore, Quora is always a place you can head to for finding topic for your next blockbuster blog.

Hootsuite, Feedly, Google Analytics and Quora. These 5 mobile apps will turn your smartphone into a superpower.