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Yaru Juneja Shares 5 Cardinal Principles for a Successful Digital Media Campaign

Yaru Juneja Shares 5 Cardinal Principles for a Successful Digital Media Campaign

Monday June 08, 2020,

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Yaru Junega

With restrictions on large public gathering at place because of the Coronavirus pandemic, small & big brands, political parties, governments and public figures among others are expected to go big on digital outreach. As per Yaru Juneja, the founder of Digital Innovations, a company serving a wide range of clients, the pandemic has definitely brought economic distress but it has also brought opportunities for the people who have expertise in designing digital campaigns. Yaru, who started his career by advising small brands and lesser known celebrities, is now the go-to person even for seasoned politicians and number of established brands.

Here are some of the cardinal rules shared by Yaru for professionals aspiring to make big in the digital space.

  • If you Dream it, you can do it.

Dream big, take risks, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey. A dream doesn't become reality through magic or luck, it takes blood & sweat, determination and hard work to make any dream come true.

  • Be sensitive and try understand the consumer behaviour

It is important to see and understand things from the eyes of the person for whom the campaign is designed for. Having said that, one needs to be sensitive enough to understand the constant behavioural changes in different walks of life.

  • Win the trust of the clients wanting image makeover

If you’re plotting an image makeover of your clients, you need to have the flexibility to take instant decisions. But it can only happen if you manage to win the trust of your clients.

  • Keep an eye on the competitors/opponents

Campaigns targeted at your competitors or opponents are nothing but negative campaigns. While you should be away from negative campaigns, just keeping an eye on their campaigns might help you in delivering effectively for your clients.

  • Make the best use of all the social media platforms

While the popularity of the platforms like TikTok and Likee are constantly increasing worldwide, some sections in the Indian society still consider its use a taboo. The young people in small towns and villages of India are crazy about these platforms. If you choose ignore the aforesaid platforms’ rising significance and influence on the minds of people then you may end up losing on many fronts.

  • Develop a team which shares your dream and vision

It is important to inculcate the feeling of ownership in your teammates. They should be more than just typical employees for you. Make sure your team shares your dream and vision. As a leader, it is your responsibility to help your teammates grow with with the growth of your company.

Final thoughts

Hope these fundamental principles help you in delivering good results in the long run. While there might be thousand other tips to make a mark in the industry, these basic suggestions by Yaru Juneja are definitely worth your consideration.