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Willpower or a structure, what matters more.

After everyone leaves office, some time to reflect on what matters most is key for a leader. 

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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It has been quite a while since I wrote a blog. The work is demanding full attention and time. But today after my team left office, I thought to reflect on what is important to get our most critical work done. Is it willpower or a system? Which matters more. 

Willpower is like a battery. It needs to be recharged. Very often. It takes a lot of effort. It creates decision fatigue.

System is about creating an environment which can help you achieve your goals. It is repetitive. It is a decision already taken to create a schedule. Like going to school. The child need not think of going to school everyday. It just happens. As a pattern.

If we have goals to achieve, what is most important is to create a system – which gives you the power to stay focused – even if you do not like it. It keeps you on track.

Many things in life do not happen because we delay decision making. We are trapped in the existing structure. Now you can imagine the power of a structure. To build a new system takes time, but it is worth it. It gives you long term impact.

While reflecting on the past mistakes and insanely stupid things I did to build my business, this is the thing I most often missed. It is not about creativity, ideas or technology. It is the system which brings results to you. Creating and sustaining a system which can help you build your dreams. It is routinely boring. But awesomely rewarding.

Doing new things everyday is what brain wants. Because brain loves novelty. But routine helps to build things.

Do not rely on your willpower. To stop your bad habits or to build good ones. Change the environment.

If you have strawberry cakes in your fridge, and you have started dieting – gift the cake to your neighbours. Remove the stimuli. If you can’t change the response to the stimuli, it is better to change the stimuli. Create a new environment.

Hack: While writing this blog, I kept my phone behind the laptop so that I do not feel like unlocking it!