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Top five qualities of a good E-Commerce website developer

Hiring an experienced e-commerce developer can be a lengthy and laborious process. Learn about the qualities of a good developer that will make your effort worthwhile.

Top five qualities of a good E-Commerce website developer

Wednesday May 17, 2017,

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Every business owner aspires to create and design an online store, which portrays their aspiration. However, due to lack of technical aptitude and knowledge of the correct e-commerce platform, many ventures end up getting an ordinary store that kind of dashes all their hopes:

e commerce website development<br>

e commerce website development

1.Problem-Solving Skills

As an e-commerce designer, one has to have remarkable problem-solving abilities. A developer without problem-solving skills is likely to write codes, which may fail to give the desired outcome and end up causing a delay in project delivery. A better way to learn the nuances of developing an e-commerce website is through practice, feedback and expert experiences. These are often shared on a number of websites and developer blogs, online forums and communities.

2.Technical Expertise

A good developer should be proficient in the use of HTML, Javascript, CMS and MVC Framework and Application Structure. They should know how they are to convert Photoshop (PSD) to XHTML application, which is an excellent means to work with new design templates. Also, having knowledge of Javascript along with CMS and MVC structures will be an added advantage. Javascript structures have the capacity to include custom-made capabilities in the form of components that you could integrate into your online store.


An e-commerce site developer is a specialist who is required to work 24/7. They should be flexible enough to be contacted whenever a problem crops up no matter what time it is. To live up to expectations, they may be required to work beyond their limits. These specialists have to be reliable with regard to on-time delivery of projects and ensure high quality of the products they deliver to their clients. Without a doubt, a lot of effort is required to develop and code a project and make the product entirely useful for customers.

virtual Employee India<br>

virtual Employee India

4.Innovation is the key to success

Innovation is the main factor behind every new discovery. If you want to create a unique e-commerce portal, you will have to hire an innovative developer who has faith and a knack for researching. They must be able to derive new ways to create unmatched web designs, web pages, and so on for your business venture to grow further.

5.Eye for detail

Having an eye for detail becomes very important when it comes to website development. A proficient e-commerce developer should be able to see the big picture and analyze the prospects and capacity of the program they are developing. They must be able to brainstorm at multiple levels and create a product, which is compatible, eye-catching and easy to use. Even the minutest of errors can bug your portal when a product is launched on it. A developer who can gauge and think from a customer’s point of view will be able to create a unique online experience.


Apart from the above-mentioned qualities, overall attitude and proper communication are a must for any developer. They must be quick in coding, possess a problem-solving attitude, and have a passion for customer service. They should be able to generate results, which make the shopping experience of a user delightful.