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The Worst Advice I’ve ever Heard about Mobile App

You must have heard a lot many advises on how to spread your wings in the app industry, but not all are good for you. So here I have brought some advises that you should abide from.

Thursday March 02, 2017,

3 min Read

Technology is proliferating at an accelerating rate. The more the stance is taking place, the more we are digging out the information on it. While the mobile apps are making its roots strong in the marketplace, we are drawn towards standing tall in the realm. You must have heard a lot many advices on how to spread your wings in the app industry, but not all are good for you. So here I have brought some advices that you should abide from. Here they go.

1. All is done with App Development: People who tell you that all work is done once the app is developed and launched in the market, live in pseudo world. It is not the case. Once the initial stage is completed, the periodical review and updation becomes a must. This helps the existing users remain loyal to your app and draws the attention of the newer once.

2. Fancy is Good: Another misconception is that an app will do well if it has all the eye-catchy and fancy elements. An app becomes the talk of the town only when it provides utmost convenience to its users. The graphical representation and the presentation should not be too complicated. It should not make a fuss in the mind of the users. A simple yet stylish app should be made that easily draws the users.

3. The smaller the device, the lesser the costing: This has been believed that a mobile app cost lessen than a desktop app. It isn’t the case. A mobile app also cost almost the same amount as the desktop app. It also requires intelligence and labor to create a mobile app. So whoever you have selected to create an app, if he/she is charging you the amount higher than your expectation, then it is worth paying the sum.

4. Market research is inevitable: Some might tell you that market research is very important and you can’t go ahead before taking a preview of how your app will do in the market. But it is not true. The research you will conduct is however smaller than the reach of our app when it is launched. The actual result may reasonably vary.

5. Android is your platform: Just because most people use android phone, doesn’t mean that you should limit to this only. There are many people who use iPhone and Windows Phone. When you are available at their service, your business will surely grow by leaps and bounds.

6. Patenting is a must: Your app is yours and you have all the right over it, so patenting is good enough. But what should be kept in mind is that this should be least focused. And much importance should be given on how to create a useful app. Once you are done with these works and your app is doing well, then you must patent it.

This was some of the vital advises that you should not slip by when you are about to build your own mobile app. Think twice before taking any step and go ahead.

Happy Reading! 

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