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If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs: Naukrialerts.com - CEO Puneetpal Singh

Success story of Puneetpal Singh – CEO- Naukri alerts

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs: Naukrialerts.com -  CEO Puneetpal Singh

Thursday March 09, 2017,

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The two most popular Indian brands on the net – Naukrialerts.com and Sarkarinaukriupdates.com, and both being the product of a single brain!!! How it all happened???

Yeah, it's great, interesting and amazingly inspiring to read the success story of Puneetpal Singh – CEO- Naukri alerts. Here, we narrate the back story of how Naukrialerts.com came on the web as CEO discussed the most detailed road map to his entrepreneurial success and the sacrifices he made along the way.

It was not as if this PTU Engineering Graduate found a great idea sitting under a tree and then developed it to become a successful portal.

CEO - Naukri alerts<br>

CEO - Naukri alerts

The story began with a yearning within a young entrepreneur Puneetpal in 2005, when he was in his college. As part of an internship program, Mr Singh with other team members presented a job portal in front of a panel at IIT Roorkee and bagged com prize in the inter college contest.

There was yet another hitch. Instead of lot of appreciation, the team could not make it live due to lack of resources and understanding of getting into the web world. In those days, entrepreneurship was a road less traveled by lettered young Indians so he joined a private IT company as a Software Developer.

“What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” this question rankled Puneet time and again. Comfortably settled at pvt. ltd. Company in a development job, this question compelled Puneetpal to quit job and start his entrepreneurial journey.

He took a daring step ahead of leaving his job to pursue his mission as he wants to work to make his dreams come true rather than building someone else's. He stated,” If I continued at my job, I would not have built anything.”

After several years of struggle and with top ideas in mind, he finally launched Careerping.com. The smallest crack of alerts led to the fall of great portal. As in market other portals were providing email and SMS alerts on handsets at that time. Unfortunately, Careerping failed.

He believed, “Failure is the pillar of success.” Instead of feeling demotivated the idea of building an updated job aggregator came to him, as one startup's mistake is another's opportunity. He followed, Mr. Chetan Bhagat as he did not quit writing, even when his manuscript, “Five Point Someone” was rejected by 8 publishers.

After analyzing job market, he finally launched Naukrialerts.com, which brings recruiters and job seekers together more efficiently than ever before. It is a job aggregator that collects job listings from all over the web, including company career pages, job boards and job sites. Instead of browsing multiple job boards, search all jobs in one go with Naukrialerts.com. This one stop source of job search creates job alerts and deliver the most relevant to your inbox.

Naukri alerts has also made its presence felt on the social networking sites like Google+ and Facebook. Currently, this portal is having a large number of subscribers and registered users. A mobile app related to this site, i.e. Naukrialerts.com has also been released in the Indian market in the Google Play Store, especially for those who do not have a regular access to their laptops/computers but do possess a Smartphone.

This app facilitates job seekers to receive instant job invitations from employers and also notify users at their convenient time. Moreover, this website doesn't sell resume database access like other portals, employers can only invite job seekers on new job posts. Information along with CV will be submitted to employers only if the candidate applies himself or accepts the invitation of employer for a job opening.

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