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Innovations in Fitness

Innovations in Fitness

Monday February 20, 2017,

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A lot of people these days want to live healthier life and look fit.They are more conscious about the way they look regardless of the age factor.After all,health is wealth and fitness should be number one priority in everyone's life.Irrespective of the background,that walk of life you came from, and again fitness is not just restricted to the glamour industry,People from diverse professional background are laying great Emphasis and their fitness.

sometimes people spend a lot of time making money but again after a point of time they are spending the same money to get fit again.Hence, Investing in yourself pays the best interest!

There are lot of new trends and innovations in the fitness Industry .New Trending stalls ans new types of fitness activities are being Introduced in the fitness Industry.New and innovative ways of working out are constantly emerging.Some of the fastest growing technology trends are:

Online class Reservations:Nothing is more annoying for members than showing up to a group fitness class that's at capacity. Registering for class online beforehand is becoming a new trend making life simpler and people regular with their fitness regimes.Moreover,It makes it easier for the instructors and operators too.

Members can easily sign up for the classes that interest them without having to make a call or write an email, Freeing up staff time. Cancelling class registration is also a matter of just few clicks-Instructor can also easily and transparently see the registered members for a particular class while club owners can get more people registered members for a particular class while club owner can get more people registered via this online process.Hence a win win Situation for all.

Online training Services :Virtual training and coaching is gaining momentum .many clubs are aligning and using a mobile app as the link between trainers and members.These apps allow the users to replicate the experience of having a personal coach with them and this time through their headphones!Such technology facilitate personal Training making it more accessible,and creating a window for new market for operators to capture with Technology ridden personal Training services.

Fitness universal Pass :Fitness universal pass and similar online program are best way for people to bring flexibility in their workout preferences.There are thousand of group fitness classes available everyday at endless locations.With minimal monthly membership these online programs lubricate and facilitate the users to take as many classes per month ass they like.

Mobile apps:Everyone under the sun is using smart phones for everything,Fitness stands no exception.Mobile apps usages in clubs are witnessing the biggest development.Fitness apps like Fitnapp are very popular and the latter's daily usage is at an all time high.The unique Concept of fitnapp and similar apps is becoming a trend among fitness freak. FITNAPP is the Mobile market place which creates a platform for users to discover and purchase various fitness activities from scores of fitness centres around them.It also behaves like virtual market place where one can purchase fitnapp products like supplments,equipment and gadget like fitness band.

These fitness apps are restyling and Transforming people's workout by providing them access to numerous fitness class groups and activities all under one fitness membership across a range of Cities at an affordable price.

At present such Technology are creating their own niche in the Fitness Market through their Innovative approach and services.

Article by Mr Akshay Jhinga(Co founder and CEO ,FITNAPP)