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Benefits of email marketing for digital strategy

Benefits of email marketing for digital strategy

Thursday April 12, 2018,

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While many companies are taking advantage of email marketing, many are still unaware of the benefits of this technology and are missing out on this powerful communication channel.

There is no doubt that social networks are another excellent communication channel, but it will never be so effective and profitable.

The difference between the cost to generate sales through email marketing and social networks is enormous. Email marketing also converts three times more than social networks.

The only disadvantage of email marketing is that you first need to build a qualified contact base (do not ever buy a database).

By the way, did you know that there are a billion active users of Gmail? App developers in India will develop sleek apps for companies that will enable a successful email marketing campaign.

Benefits of email marketing for your company

Not Expensive

One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it has a very economical cost compared to other communication channels. The cost of sending an email to your target audience is very cheap. This cost will be lowered whenever the user has a larger contact list since it is not the same to have 500 contacts with having 30,000 or 100,000 contacts.

The price is low when considering the fact that email marketing is a channel of direct and immediate communication. However, there are currently many companies that do not use email marketing whereas other companies are increasing their number of clients daily through email marketing.

Business (however small it may be) can make use of email marketing. Many email marketing tools allow users to create a free account and send mass emails. Some tools allow sending up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 contacts every month.

Companies must possess its database, design a strategy, and establish the objectives to make a successful email marketing campaign. The database of the company can be easily managed using the sleek apps created by app developers India.


Another advantage of using email marketing is its accessibility since emails can be read on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile). According to a recent Google study, 51% of all emails sent are opened through mobile devices. Hence the importance of using a template with responsive design, so that emails can be displayed correctly on any screen.

Fortunately, companies do not have to worry about the responsive design in email marketing, since the tools for sending mass emails provide this functionality. Top app developers his functionality. Top app development companies in India can help businesses develop apps that will let this their messages display enticingly.

However, it is essential to use the preview of the message to check readability in different browsers and devices. It is important that reading the message is comfortable and enjoyable for users since it is not the same to read on a mobile phone and a computer. Reading a paragraph of 3 lines on the computer can be converted into a paragraph of 6 lines on the screen of a mobile phone.

Before sending an email marketing campaign, companies make sure that the content of the message will display properly on all devices.


On top of having such an economical cost, another benefit of email marketing is its great efficiency because it is four times more effective than social networks. For every coin invested in an email marketing campaign, the return on investment (ROI) is multiple times of the coin. As a result, email marketing continues to be the best marketing tool for companies.

Currently, there is no other digital marketing channel that can overcome the efficiency and profitability of email marketing. However, to achieve this return on investment, the company must develop an effective email marketing strategy.

Quality is better than quantity. It is vital for a business to have a good database. There must be a periodic cleaning of your database, and contacts that have not open previous campaigns should be removed. People who are not interested in receiving your messages cost money and hurt the results of the campaigns.


Email marketing is a communication channel that offers the possibility of personalizing mass emails. It is no longer fashionable to send messages in a generalized way. That type of communication is no longer effective with consumers.

Nowadays, successful businesses use email marketing campaigns personalized messages.

The two key elements of an email marketing campaign that companies should always apply are:

• Use the name of the recipient

• Offer content based on the business’ preferences.

There is also another key factor to succeed with the personalization of messages, which is called segmentation. Segmentation entails sending a campaign to a group of people who meet one or more specific criteria.

There are many ways to segment an email marketing campaign and to send a message to a very specific audience. Business has to develop the criteria to use, and apply the two key personalization factors mentioned above.

Fast Report

Another of the benefits of email marketing so appreciated is how quickly you have to measure the results. Email marketing tools offer real-time reports of your sent campaigns.

As with any digital marketing strategy, it is essential to measure the results obtained and then make decisions on the strategy. It is important to know the essential metrics for an email marketing campaign. These metrics will provide very valuable information and will let businesses know if the campaign has been a success or failure.

Many times the mistake of analyzing a single metric is made, such as the opening rate, but this data alone does not contribute anything relevant. It is advisable to make a complete analysis of the main metrics, and thus assess the impact that the campaign.

To perform this analysis, companies must export the data obtained and represent them graphically, because it greatly facilitates statistical analysis and the detection of errors committed. Firms can follow their progress on their app developed by app developers India.

Test A/B

One of the benefits of email marketing and that few companies use for their campaigns are the A/B tests. The A/B tests are an excellent way to compare the effectiveness of emails sent to customers or subscribers.

These tests consist of sending two types of emails that contain different elements or contents. In this way, companies can know which of them has generated the best results, and thus determine which campaign works best with our audience. A/B tests can be carried out with a click on apps developed by app developers India.

Using A/B tests in email marketing campaigns guarantees successfully achieving the established objectives, optimize conversions, reduce costs for leads, increase the rate of opening and the rate of clicks (CTR). In short, A/B tests are used to make email marketing campaigns more effective, and also allow a better understanding of the behavior of customers or subscribers.


The benefits of email marketing are numerous and will never die. Email marketing will continue to be the best communication channel a company can have. And you, do you get good results in your email marketing campaign? Do you take advantage of all the benefits of email marketing? Businesses should contact app developers India to get an app that will let them easily communicate with their clients and ensure a successful email marketing.