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SEO Expert Content Marketing for Business Development

Tuesday February 07, 2017,

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The world as we knew it a few years ago is no more, and business approaches of the past are actually passed. Business has been forced to change and adapt to the technological trends to keep their relevance to their client.

With the development of social media and other online platforms, marketing, specifically, has shifted from the age old media platforms-radio, television, etc., which were more oriented on products, to the new approach of content marketing.

As more clients seek information and services online, their first stop is the search engines-Google, Bing, etc., and businesses must seek ways of ensuring their products and services are found by their targeted customers. This calls for knowledge of optimizing your online content to be easily located by the search engines, and hence by the customers, thus the need for search engine optimization (SEO).

The importance of this optimization to any business is enormous, contrary to what many conventional marketing strategists may actually comprehend. As an SEO expert, you are able to market content and products for your business to realize growth and market penetration in the competitive online market.

SEO is essential in that;

1. Apart from just optimizing content and enabling your presence, SEO enhances your customers’ online experience and usability on your business’ website(s)

2. Your business can benefit from second-tier income, whereby in drawing traffic to its website, other organizations seeking such traffic may pay you to optimize their websites, or alternatively pay to post their digital ads on yours (external links), which also enhances your website’s ranking.

3. Many online users trust search engines, and your customers also build trust in your business or content because it ranks higher, appearing on the top lists of search engine results.

4. With the growth of social networking, customers who easily find your optimized content and website through search engines have a higher probability of promoting it on their social platforms, e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

The online market is huge, as search engines serve millions of people in many countries. As such, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a necessity, to ensure your business is well positioned to take over that market.