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Six reasons to prefer Gamelables gaming solutions:

Game Labelsis a leading online rummy white label provider, offering the best and robust rummy and poker software platforms. Simplify your business needs and go to market in weeks. 

Tuesday November 08, 2016,

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Starting an online gaming portal for rummy and poker from scratch is a time-eating process and really challenging. Especially software development is a complicated process and takes several months to build. Here in Gamelabels, we offer our most reliable white label solutions for rummy and poker which reduce the time from months to days.

Budget friendly:

In Gamelabels, one can get a perfect combination of price and quality. We believe in ‘Growing together’. Gamelabels sells its product to run a business but not to become overnight millionaires. We follow a most transparent approach in terms of pricing.

Browser friendly:

Gamelabels gaming solutions are compatible with the all latest browsers. The player merely needs an internet connection to play card games.


Apart from the game, a player attracts mainly to the site’s supreme technology and design. Gamelables.co never disappoints by its technology or design because highly qualified professionals teamed together to bring the best. It doesn’t deliver flash based content as many other portals do and better viewed with all HTML5 compliant browsers.

Upto date:

Gamelabels believes that nothing is constant except change. So it constantly improves the software quality for the betterment of its clients. Gamelabels main agenda is to provide a royal gaming experience to players and powerful management tools to operators.

23.56X 7Security:

Gamelabels never compromises on security issues. Our professionals are deeply involved in continuous research of software development with a major focus on security to create a powerful protection system. We provide robust fraud prevention options and maintains all customer information safely and never shared with any third parties.

So, avoid making the same errors that others have made before you, just purchase the best white labeled product and focus on your business core competency. And its need not to mention that gamelabels.co is the best one can find.