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Top ten SEO tools every webmaster needs to be aware of

Top ten SEO tools every webmaster needs to be aware of

Thursday April 06, 2017,

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Why do you need SEO? An SEO tool can help in creating a user-friendly website. SEO will help you in gaining better rankings in search engine result pages, and this will bring in more customers. An SEO optimized website is fast and easy to use. Visitors are coming to the site, if they have a happy experience, will likely become customers.

Let us discuss some of the SEO tools.

Fetch as Googlebot tool

The Fetch as Googlebot tool is an important feature of Webmaster Tools. The Fetch as Googlebot has two modes: Fetch-Quick checks mode and Fetch and Render mode. You will specify a path for the Googlebot’s URL to crawl. You can see the response of your website on Googlebot in the Fetch-Quick Check mode. This can be used to check fundamental errors, security issues, and connectivity problems if any. In the Fetch and Render mode, Google will crawl the URL, but you will be able to see the view in a slightly different way. You will be able to see the page just as you see in a browser. If you have any difficulty with unusual formatting, or any of the problems how you will view the pages then consider using this tool.


Web sniffer is quite similar to Google’s Fetch as Googlebot tool. The web sniffer helps in the viewing of the web content while analyzing, capturing and decoding the https content. You can set up do a lot of things with web sniffer. You can start and pause capturing, creating filters and save with the web sniffer. The web sniffer tool is used by the LAN administrators, security experts, information technology managers and web developers.


For any website unique content is essential. Copyscape is key to search for duplicate material on an URL. It is a plagiarism checker tool. Run the contents of your web pages to find out if anyone has copied your content. Check if similar contents appear anywhere else on the web.

Meta Tag Tool

Meta tags provide information about your web pages to the search engines. The webmasters get a thorough analysis of their meta tags with the help of this meta tag tool. This tool not only analyses the meta tags, but also the keywords on the page, head tags, URLs.

Google Page Speed Tools

To check out the speed of websites, there are numerous speed testing tools. Google’s page speed tool is one of the best. Though the suggestions may sound way too technical, it is best to have all tested before and after to ensure that it is assisting you to enhance the speed of your website.


Ubbersuggest can be used to search for keywords. Google’s autocomplete is used to produce good keyboard ideas.

Xenu’s link sleuth

If you are searching for a reliable crawler to check for broken links and site issues, then Xenu is an excellent tool. If you run Xenu, you will be able to find problems with your website.

Google’s structured data testing tool

If you want to test standard structured data, you can use this tool.

Facebook debugger

You can use this tool to check for missing tags and errors.

The on page SEO cheat sheet

This is a useful tool for web developers to check if they have included the necessary elements on an SEO friendly site.


Compiling a list can be very challenging especially of top ten SEO service tools that every webmaster needs to be aware. You can take a look at the list mentioned above. You will get amazing results within a short span of time if you use these tools.