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Why Womens are now in great need of self defense skill

This is about women`s self defense and her victory over suppression.

Thursday June 30, 2016,

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Women are rising whether in defense field, in navy, in space or mining,or in the field of entrepreneurship.Nothing gonna stop them.Women are now in the position of CEO ,CFO or COO which was once impossible for them to achieved .They are doing extra-ordinary ,keeping work-life balance intake

But they are ignoring one most important aspect and suffering a lot even death or murdered .This is about her safety,her security and self defense mechanism.

Violence,crime against women are rising perpendicularly .They may me at home,maybe in the school or maybe at office or maybe on the street to anyone against cast,creed,race, and age.

Once I tried to know about women self defense in India through Quora.com and you can see the feedback here :


This has to be changed .

If she want to contribute ,want to do something different, then she cannot avoid the self defense aspect.

Be a warrior women.