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Stories to disappear within 24 hours on Instagram

Tuesday April 11, 2017,

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Similar to Snapchat, Instagram has also introduced the ‘stories’ features. It will help the 500 million users to go through the format of the stories that will disappear just after 24 hours. Instagram has been a popular social media platform for more than six years where you can easily curate the photos and the videos. Now, it claims to share stories that will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

What Is The New Feature? This new feature will help the users to share the photos and videos that will tell stories of their lives. The stories will actually play the role of the daily feed, which users used to post on Snapchat through the short clip, which will disappear just after 24 hours.

Usefulness Of This Feature: Not only sharing your memorable moments, you can do a lot of things with this Instagram feature. The content that you are sharing, like your pictures or videos, have achieved more flexibility as how and what can be shared on the platform. You can observe the change right from the home screen layout of Instagram. Now, whenever you are scrolling through people’s posts, you can see a bar, which displays the profile pictures of the users who have recently posted in the ‘stories’. When you click on the picture, it provides a view in full screen, which can be rewound or paused as per your convenience.

How Can You Post In ‘Stories’? For posting in the Stories, you are required to swipe right for accessing the camera and taking videos or the pictures. You can use filters like, the drawing tools and other filtering features for editing the picture before posting it finally. Though the main feed remains same, you can make the Stories’ posts permanent, with just a finger’s tap. To know more, you can visit instamacro.com.

Reactions As Private Messages: Unlike the normal likes and the comments in the general posts, in the Stories, you can post your reactions through private messages. The private messages can be used through the Instagram Direct. Every month, more than 250 million users are using this new feature through the Instagram Direct. This particular feature is expected to increase the number of the messages through the private messaging features.

Privacy Settings : If the privacy settings are switched off , the users of the public accounts can make their stories more visible to anyone, who are clicking on their profile pictures from the page of the main account. Additional privacy settings are also present for blocking or allowing the access of the individual user.

Introduced By Snapchat Earlier : When you are observing something familiar, you must have used the Snapchat. The Stories version of the Snapchat was introduced in the year 2013. Though the Instagram version is very similar to what Snapchat has pioneered, the format of the Instagram Stories has been adopted and can be used by a lot of different services and apps. This feature is basically introduced due to the demands from the user communities of Instagram with 500 million users.

By taking this big step, Instagram has assured that its users do not have to worry about over posting or creating that best video, because the photos will disappear after 24 hours by default. The Instagram platform is not only about close friends and relatives, the online influencers and the celebrities can also easily connect by sharing their personal lives. The main aim of this social media platform is that all the users should have proper visual voices of their own. This new feature of the Stories is simply emphasizing the goal by helping the users to share in a flexible manner.

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