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8 Secrets For Running Facebook Ads For E-commerce Website

By Taqi Ahmed|6th Jun 2019
Huge traffic following Facebook for their business to take big advantages. So, what are we waiting for? Check these 8 secrets of Facebook ads for e-commerce website
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Facebook, known as the top social media network is endured to be the best platform for ads. On Facebook, advertisements that are targeted properly may prove to be fruitful for any of the e-commerce business.

If Facebook ads are not clicked by you, then you are on the path towards missing the money-making opportunities. But, Wait! Wait! No need to panic. Today we are here to present 8 effective and great tips that you can follow while going for strategies for using Facebook ads for e-commerce website.

Tips For Facebook Ads For An E-commerce Website

Today, billions of users with e-commerce business are getting benefited from Facebook ads as these pose goldmine for them. And so, while noticing huge traffic following Facebook for their business the number of users are increasing to clutch such advantages. So, what are we waiting for? We should also join in and pick kindred benefits. Following are a few approaches that may be considered to assist in boosting Facebook ads.

Tip 1: Use Multi-product Advertisements

As the tag reveals, utilizing multi-product advertisements, you may showcase various products simultaneously on Facebook. Several reasons are there that will show you the effectiveness of using such ads-

  • The conversions will get a hike as potential customers will get a chance to view various products concurrently that may raise the possibility of being clicked by the users.
  • More products can be advertised at the same time.
  • Customers get more options to pick.

More significantly, you may also get the hints of the working of multi-product ads through the available indicators. A study depicts that companies have experienced about 300% click-through-rates increase after giving a chance to multi-product ads.

It’s not like all the brands using the same will get the same experience, there comes in-between some other factors also that should be counted.

Tip 2: Run Re targeting Campaigns

If you are into e-commerce business from past then you might know about potential customers, some of them who just leave their cart waiting without placing the order. If we go with the number, 72% of online customers leave the cart abandoned.

We have to just think of the opportunity to make them come back. Or at least some of them.

So, next comes the question, what should be done? This makes us move on towards the next tip of this list of secret tips for using Facebook ads. The retargeting campaign should be run in this case. It raises the chance of making those customers back to up to 25%. This might not be the huge number but yes it’s at least better and yes a significant count.

This will make sense of applying retargeting campaigns. Spending time on convincing new people to buy your products would not hold that worth that you will earn by targeting the one who is showing interest in your product and services. But, again it’s not that hard as you thought off.

Re-targeting campaigns can be run along with the discounts, enticing offers, and coupons.

Tip 3: Be Sure About Practicing Conversion Tracking Pixel

You ought to miss a great deal if Conversion Tracking Pixel is strange to you. It is actually a code that tracks the behavior of the traffic that visits your website.

It enables you to trace the conversions amount you get from the advertising campaign.

Facebook makes the use of it to target the fit audience and improve the campaigns for your ads. We can also say, an alternative way is to use Facebook ads for e-commerce purpose.

On the checkout page when Conversion Tracking Pixels are placed, you get the permission to receive data relevant to actions that are taken by the customers after your ad is being clicked by them. This will help you in measuring ROI in an accurate manner.

And yes, do take care of carrying out this step before running your campaign. This way, Facebook will get enough time to get more about converting people. Sort of just offering them with a clue so they will become noticed of those who may get converted before time.

Tip 4: Go For Video Advertisements When It’s Possible

If you are looking to try some other ways to operate Facebook ads for your e-commerce business, you should be informed that video content is prioritized by Facebook. This actually means using video is more likely to be reached first then the ads to the right people. This is like a new way that may be unique but truly successful.

In general, the thing that engages more customers is only videos. Like the other type of media, they are not that dull. The viewer would be more likely to move further before watching the videos than just swiping the pictures of your products. The report of stats shows that on the daily platform, videos get many views by most of the Facebook users.

On Facebook, the videos are set in such a way that once the user hovers it, they start playing. This style actually magnetizes the user’s attention. And this what exactly you want, to clutch and hold the attention of the interest showing users. If you ask for a suggestion, we will just point towards this tip to get the most out of Facebook ads.

Additionally, the correct video ads is a must that should also be ensured. For you, these ads will obviously mean to a better ROI.

The formatting of the video should be accomplished correctly. The way of “action” should be chosen to showcase the products or reveal the best ever features. So, here the creativity holds everything that will speak about everything through the video. Social media marketing company in Jaipur providing all these Facebook ads services for business over the world.

Tip 4: Offer A Discount

For your ads, this is truly a must-perform step without concerning platform type. But, it is also acutely effective being one of the best ways to employ Facebook ads for e-commerce business.

“Discounts” echoes just in-tune, the one who is not interested to buy, for now, will too end up buying it because of its cut-down prices.

Advertisements that specifically spot the discount should be created. For instance, if you are launching your new product then the introductory offer will be best to present before the users.

Apart from all, while offering the discount be sure that it doesn’t hit back your business in the negative terms.

By going for the discount feature in Facebook ads, the gap can be stuffed between the actual sale price and discount offers where it’s the chance of losing the customers.  To grab the advantage of the offer, they will not even leave Facebook.

For the offer, if the ad gets clicked by the customer, a code will be offered to them to put the offer in the cart. Now, next positive that you may get from this tip is that you can reveal the people who have enjoyed shopping availing offers.

This is the best ever approach to make the people convinced about grabbing your offer. On noticing the other availing benefits, they will too wish like being in front of the way out.

Tip 6: Give The Boost To Past Posts

If you are doubtful when it comes to creating a new ad campaign, it’s obvious. However, there is no way out to be sure about the status of the outcome of the campaign. Risks are obvious while carrying out any type of business, yes it plays scary. So, to not to make yourself get charged of anything that may go wrong, just be a little more careful.

So, you are not just thinking useless to boosting your existing post. Yes, this can be a successful way out to make the use of Facebook ads. So, to raise up the advertisement, the outcome of which was effective earlier, make it happen again.

This way the risks can be minimized that are already on their track. This feature will enable you to pick the promotion to the new audience as well as the one who liked it earlier. This holds both the advantage and disadvantage.

The good think about this is that the outcome is guaranteed on employing this feature. The past post already has to present the success records.

Tip 7: Use Posts Other Than Selling Perspective

Being the owner of an e-commerce business, your target should be selling your products, but it doesn’t mean that you will always sing the song of “selling”. Try using posts other than selling. Sounds distinct, No? But, now we have to see how to include it in Facebook ads for e-commerce business.

Obvious advertisements do not have the caliber to adhere to the people to it because online means already make their tummy full. So, some of the times it becomes apparent to post something informational and creative without even making the people convinced about purchasing your product to make your brand known to them.

Other than just selling your ads, what else is there to promote here? But, there is one thing that requires to get posted is an event that points your product, brand or business. So, for that be creative according to the nature of the event that is going to be promoted by you.

You should be sure that a real connection is clutched by the event with your business nature.

For example, you may go for hosting a fashion hunt if you are into selling clothes.

Tip 8: Make Your Business A Brand

To improve the identity of your brand it’s demanded to consolidate your social contents with your branding.

Do you know what is brand identity exactly and what’s its importance?

Branding is how your products, business, and brand will become famous and recognized by the customers. Once a robust identity of your brand gets developed, people will immediately start getting noticed.

While considering the identity that is to be created, be careful that it can rebound. For this, a graphic designing agency should be hired.

Your post should be well enough to make the people understand about your brand.

Using the above tips may assist you in improving your chances of raising your sales and ROI.

Just because you haven’t got any success, it’s not like you should leave such platforms for your business promotion. You have reached here after crossing various hurdles and still, there is much to cover but using the apt formula. So, to get most out of it, just don’t avoid following the above tips.

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