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3 amazing artificial intelligence tools for your business

3 amazing artificial intelligence tools for your business

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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AI is getting momentum and strengthening its presence in our everyday life, however, not exactly like it did in the Matrix trilogy. So far, AI has been helping the businesses with reducing costs, saving time, and making the process more efficient by many of its forms such as personal assistant bots, automated schedule manager, reminders, planners, and even Analyzers.

The aforesaid are probably the primary reasons many website development companies across the globe are integrating AI into their web applications. Let’s see what AI software are there to help you with your tasks:

1. Social Media

Social media campaigns (both paid and free) are crucial for brand awareness of any business.

Social media AI assistants like "Post Intelligence" are helping businesses to access a complete customer behavior report based on analysis such as when most of your targeted users come online, what time is best to post, and which of your work has been liked by your customers most.

2. In Sales

Your business won't possibly sustain even if you have a solid business but are missing the right business tools to invigorate it. "Einstein" is an artificially intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) software or assistant that interacts with your customers and replies to

their queries as per the data analysis based on the product's details.

3. Personal Assistant

How often do you forget about the projected meetings with your clients just because you have been busy? What would it feel like if your laptop or smartphone constantly inform you several times a week or a day of an important meeting? "X.ai" does exactly the same. All you need to do is to put it in your CC while emailing and boom, it will keep a track on your schedule. Future of AI is bright and if you want to hire a web development service to develop an AI software for your business, this is the best time.

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