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My journey as an entrepreneur

Starting a business is very easy all you need is a capital and a unique idea. However, what causes some business to flourish years down the line while others end up failing the first few years is persistence. 

Thursday December 14, 2017,

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When I started my online business a few years ago, I was skeptical about the number of customers I can reach per day. I had the capital to turn an idea into a business, but the fear of failing was my biggest demon. However, entrepreneur quotes from famous people such as this quote from Michael Jordan that says “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying” is what gave me the courage to turn my passion into a successful brand.

It is very obvious that in business, the fear of losing out capital and at the end getting devastated with the entire plan is an inevitable risk involved with every person. Here, I am to give you some opulent tips for making your business grow better with fame and profit.

Build trust with customer

In any business, a customer is the pillar of strength. Be it a small organization or a big conglomerate everywhere customers are given the first priority in terms of growth and popularity. In general, customers are the end user of every type of product or services provided by an organization. One fundamental unit which every company tries to build a customer is trust. Nothing can elevate this particular factor when it comes to dealing with the market. Every company has a target group for its products or services.

Based on this segmented group of customers, I plan out the various strategies on how to make the product more efficient and better in use. Now, here comes the relationship of building trust. A product of a particular organization can only shine in the market if the customer believes in it. The trust becomes the only USP for a company. Not only product but the brand image of the company also depends on the customer’s trust. Every young entrepreneur should keep one thing in mind that to make a business viable in the market; the relationship of trust with the customers is the most important factor.

I was a young entrepreneur believe that the trust factor is the only pathway to success in business. Well, not only my suggestion but the various books on business strategies which one may come across have got variable entrepreneur quotes which specifically highlight the need for building a positive trust with the customers. Nothing can elevate this particular factor.

Continue to Learn

There is no such end to learning. Every businessman should be in the process of learning. One may be highly experienced in the process of running a business yet discovering new things is always a good exercise. In the case of young entrepreneurs, learning is an essential factor as because only this can help them to polish their business skills. Studying the market is a part of the learning process. Every person who is about to start a business should be involved in the process of studying and analyzing the market in the best way for the proper establishment of the business.

Every day I learn something new from my colleagues and some senior experts. Though I am the boss yet there are certain things which I should learn over time and I do that at every step.

Go for your passion

One may ignore the power of passion by defining it as a human negligence but at the end of the day, passion can only help you to meet your dreams. If a person is passionate about becoming a businessman then nothing can stop that individual from achieving his or her dreams. Passion can lead to an establishment. The zeal for passion should be engraved within a young mind to build a business empire.

Over the years, I was deeply engrossed with my passion to be an entrepreneur and slowly with time and some effortless dedication I have built up my own business which is currently running with quite a good rate of success.

Figure things out along the way

A businessman may face various issues while running a business. A person should be capable enough to figure out things at the right moment and create a space devoid of every obstacle. This particular quality of assessing every problem is one of the biggest credibility for every individual running a business firm.

It often happens that there come various obstacles in my work. At that time I sort out things along the way and always try to make the path clear so that the same problem can never get repeated again. This idea of figuring out things should be applied at every step in order to keep a good workflow.

Surround your brand with a good team

As said earlier, brand image is the most vital factor for a business to shine in the market. The perception of the people towards a company depends on the brand. Every business house should be very much protective of its brand as because the expansion of the business in the market depends solely on the popularity, loyalty, and consistency of the brand. I always put more attention on the branding team. They are the only people who can build up the image in this competitive commercial structure.

The entire branding team of my business is equipped with some good marketing and persuading skills so that the image can never get faded in the eyes of the public. Always keep an experienced team of branding for better productivity.

Know the needs of your target audience

In a business organization, the target audience is the main protagonist in expanding a business in the market. Everything depends upon the taste and preference of the target group. They decide the fate of a company. A start-up business should always be aware of the various diversified needs of their target group.

Starting from the initial days of business, I had always given the topmost priority to the demand and the changing desires of my target group. At the end, they are the sole reason for the existence of my organization. Analyzing their choice, their habits and every other activity is a sign of making a proper business strategy. Mark my words; if you ignore your TG you will definitely have a huge damage from every position. So, in order to maintain the prosperity in business, always keep a track of the changing needs and demands of the customers. I always do that for my business. I consider this to be the ultimate business tip.

Being an entrepreneur has its frustrating moments where you just want to quit. But with inspiring entrepreneur quotes like this one from Alistair Cook who said, “A professional is someone who can do his best when he doesn’t feel like it.” When things don’t go according to plan you have to keep pushing until you achieve excellence.