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Is a multi-fuel stove worth the investment?

Deciding whether or not to purchase a fireplace is certainly not an easy choice to make considering the financial investment that it requires. 

Is a multi-fuel stove worth the investment?

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

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Informing yourself about the advantages of installing this type of home addition is of course recommended in order for you to conclude if the purchase is worth it or not. So, if the topic has caught your interest, and you need that ultimate answer to the question mentioned in the title, just keep reading, and you will find everything you need to know about multi fuel stoves and their perks:

Versatile ways of generating heat


The first aspect that makes multi fuel stoves such a great addition to a household the convenient way of generating heat it provides. Because this item functions with various types of fuel, just as its name itself says, you will not be limited to a single type of combustion, in comparison with wood burners for example. From wood logs, to eco friendly solid fuels and smokeless fuels, this type of fireplace  will provide you with an impressive heat generating versatility. It is up to you to decide which type of fuel to use, because the stove has been designed in a way that functions effectively and efficiently with several options. The conveniences and versatility surrounding this purchase, is the reason why many homeowners choose to make the buy in the first place.

Debris removal made easy

Coming with a built in ash pan, which is placed beneath the grate, debris removal will be made easy. All the collected debris and ash can be safely and easily removed, which is certainly a convenient aspect to keep in mind. Besides making your job easier, this particular detail is also important for the longevity of the stove. Being debris free, the fireplace will be able to function properly, without any special maintenance requirements.

Not relying on any external power

If you have been heating your house using an electricity powered source of heat, you have probably faced on more than one occasion inconveniences due to a sudden blackout. Dealing with a power cut during a harsh day of winter, without having any alternative heating device, besides your electrical one, is certainly not something you want to experience, especially if you have small children around. Well, with the multi fuel stove alternative, because it does not rely on any external power, unpleasant situations of this kind can be avoided all together. A power cut will not affect the comfort of your household, and the only way you can run out of a heating source is if you forget to purchase fuel.

Reducing energy consumption

The amount you are probably spending on a monthly basis on energy bills might be higher than you would want to. Because you will not be needing to use any type of energy power to keep the stove running, this purchase might even provide you with a financial return in the long run. Besides the fuel that you will need to buy, there will not be any additional costs involved, so if you have been using a heating device that runs on electricity until now, you will certainly notice a great improvement in terms of energy consumption. Also, saving energy is not only recommended from financial purposes but for environmental reasons as well. So if you are an eco-friendly type of person, having a multi fuel or wood stove in your home might seem like an appealing prospect.

Stylish look


Style is something that any homeowner takes into consideration when buying something for the household, so when you are looking at stoves, considering how it can influence your interior design is normal. Well, as soon as you check a few photographs of fireplaces carefully integrated in various types of living room styles, you will want to get one immediately, the overall feel it provides being a unique, comfy one. Because there are several models you can opt for, it will not be difficult to find yourself a multi fuel stove designed in a way that suits the rest of your décor. Just this single element can improve the appearance of your interior more than you would expect. You would be surprised to learn how many homeowners buy a multi fuel or a wood stove just for the great aesthetics this element bring into a household.

How to select the right multi-fuel stove?

After understand what this type of purchase has to offer, and deciding to go for this buy, another step you will need to take is choosing the right option for your needs. Because once you look for multi fuel stoves on the market, you will discover several models, each seeming equally good for someone without no expertise, doing a bit of research will be needed. Think first about size and heating requirements, because this is the main reason why you are buying this item in the first place. It is important to choose a stove that will deliver the heating results you want, so select a size that is the right one for your home. Also, heating capacity and heating efficiency, as well as the style of the stove are aspects that need to be thought through before a purchase of this kind. If you want to be 100 percent sure that you are investing in the right type of item, by reading reviews could be extremely useful or getting recommendations from someone who has purchased a multi fuel stove in the past and has been satisfied with the model selected.

As you can see, this type of purchase can bring you a wide set of advantages, and as long as you choose the right option for your needs, you will not regret any penny spent. Considering the fact that a stove can provide you with comfort perks as well as home aesthetics advantages, it is no surprise why these items have become such a popular purchase among homeowners.