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Enchanting New Zealand road trips

Enchanting New Zealand road trips

Monday July 31, 2017,

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(A World to Travel)

(A World to Travel)

Road trips are so much fun when the company is good, they say. Ever been on a road trip? Exploring different places at your convenience, in your car, stopping wherever you want to with no time frame in mind, and the flexibility to do what you really want at the pace you set, sounds exciting, right? Yes, road trips are exciting. And as they say in New Zealand, don’t go on a road trip for the first time. You will be spoilt rotten. No other place can compare to New Zealand in terms of the facilities, the views and the sheer beauty that New Zealand offers.

When in New Zealand, one gets to see so much natural beauty that makes them lost in the rows and rows of fragrant lavender and fuchsia lupins, sun-soaked beaches, volcanoes and steam filled geysers to fields full of flowers, and perfectly-preened alpine villages.

Plan your road trip itinerary in such a way that you don’t miss anything that makes you later regret on having missed a particular spot or place.

Fly into Auckland and get ready to zip and zoom

Once you reach Auckland, call it a day and take the much-needed rest so that you are fresh enough to enjoy the trip by road. Bear in mind to rent a spacious car yet not a luxury model so that moving around terrains and flat lands will be easy and also store your luggage doesn’t become a headache.

Explore Auckland

On your first day, explore Auckland by the day light and move on to Muriwai beach by the evening. One of the most stunning beaches you will ever see, Muriwai beach is home to the famous Gannet birds.

Head on to Rotorua with a detour

A slight detour on the way to Rotorua through the Coromandel Peninsula is totally worth the extra time you spend on the roads. The Coromandel Peninsula, situated at the eastern corner of the North Island, has some of the spectacular beaches and woodlands.

Rotorua’s thermal wonderland

Rotorua, known for its bubbling mud pools, hot water springs and champagne pools (named for the color of water, not the actual drink) is something one should not miss for the world. The geothermal areas in Rotorua are a must visit the place where you can smell sulfur miles away.

Explore other cities on the way

Each and every city of New Zealand is so vivid and distinctive that you can never have too much of the place. On the way for the road trip, keep exploring other cities and towns that beckon you and you can’t seem to keep the car on the move because your heart asks you to stop and explore more. Few of the best places you can visit along the road trip are Taupo, Wellington, Kaikoura, Wanaka, Queenstown, and Milford Sound.