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9 top trends for digital transformation in 2018

9 top trends for digital transformation in 2018

Saturday May 12, 2018,

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The world will be in a digital era where almost everything will be operated by machines and artificial intelligence. We are just a mile away from the being in the most powerful culture and cultivation that happened on earth. We have enlisted the Top 9 Trends of Digital Transformation in 2018 that can be the revolution of digitalization and innovation around the world.

So, let's get started with the Top 10 Trends For Digital Transformation In 2018 and get notifies about the upcoming technologies or happenings in the world of digitalization.

1. IoT

Internet of Things: IoT is one of the giant things on the internet. It is estimated at 8.4 billion 'Things' all over the internet, which is 30% more than just a year ago. And, with this other 3 major sectors are coming ahead i.e. 5G cell processing, Edge computing, and Analytics. These are raging up as any trend comes out of nowhere.

2. 5G cell Processing

Just as the amount of data produced by IoT, it will also force mobile providers to speed up their so-called smartphones towards 5G. Sorry in advance to break the excitement. The move to 5G won't really happen overnight or in a day, it will likely to be imperfect at best throughout the coming year. This year we are seeing Gigabit LTE, which is between the current LTE and 5G, making rounds with the well-known devices from Samsung and Sony leading the way. 

3. Edge Computing

Don't think you are entered in digital transformation era, you still haven't seen anything at all. Industry leaders like HP or Cisco have already made a huge hardware, and service bets on this. As smart drones, AI-powered smart devices, autonomous vehicles, seeking a connection and communication via IoT, the sending of data to the cloud “to the limit” that will become highly impractical. Though edge will continue to be the go-to option for processing all the real-time data, it is more likely that the most important and relevant data will still head cloud-ward.

4. Analytics

If you're maximizing the data and analytics in 2017, wait for 2018. The amount of information being created and submitted by IoT has the power of revolutionizing everything from manufacturing and functioning of an entire city. One company found that it was reducing the cost of managing its fleet of around 180,000 trucks reducing from 15 cents to just 3 cents. Tech giants such as Microsoft, SAS, IBM, and SAP are heavily investing in analytics and more specifically IoT analytics. There is the reason of them investing into it, and the reason is the power this combination in driving new business insights is a vast array of industries and applications.

5. AI Goes From Newbie To Mainstream

Artificial Intelligence: That's likely to the best and booming sector of 2018. With everyone from toddlers to seniors that are using Siri, Alexa and other chatbots, it's no wonder AI will be soon an old news – at least to the mainstream users. AI can be a part of anything and everything; from robotics to analytics and marketing and customer service and everything. Companies will always continue to use AI to surprise and communicate with the smarter automation of everything from email and content generation to industrial manufacturing. SAL Leonardo, Salesforce Einstein, and many other major software companies will be launching AI just into their platforms. This is a sign of what is there in the box called 'future'.

6. Failure As A Service?

Similarly, as we saw the as-a-Service advertise keep on growing with software and programming, foundation, and — pretty much everything else — disappointment will soon be a service on the aaS menu. The reason: flopping quickly is a standout amongst the most vital components of achievement in today's brisk moving advanced change condition. Failure-as-a-Service (FaaS) will give representation, quick prototyping, and other quick fall flat strategies that will help organizations strategize quickly for more prominent achievement. It's somewhat theoretical to state it will be called "Failure-as-a-Service," yet the capacity to all the more rapidly perceive when something isn't working and proceed on will be a key differentiator between the victors and failures of digital transformation.

7. VR Goes From Hero To Zero

Sad for VR. It was just about yesterday that everyone was amazingly excited and amazed about buying the VR. Suddenly AR comes and pushed it aside from the limelight. Why? Because it is extraordinarily cheaper and easier to use, specifically for a professional context. By using 3D visualization, companies can train, pitch, and envision newest products in a better way. So, VR will definitely get its best position in future.

8. Culture Remains a Hurdle

Culture has always remained a hurdle even in digital transformation, and it is likely to see that struggle even tough in 2018. It will turn out to be much more basic that organizations move quickly towards development. Companies that agitates, or fail to knock down, will have a difficult time in next year.

9. Digital Transformation Becomes a Must

Lastly, the digital transformation may be have been a light buzz in some rooms in 2017, 2018 will forcefully make many giants and companies realize DX is no joke. Disruption will increase with a common occurrence in the next few years and for those are not ready or unprepared for changes will quickly fall to the bottom of the pack.

There's a lot and load full bag in 2018 in digital transformation, and all the other technologies are working together to push each other forward, and making the change unresistant. 2018 will be a year to make everyone learn to Go with the Flow. There is no doubt about that there are no other trends. Indeed there are many other trends to at stake, so, let the conversation keep going between us. And, tell us what are the other digital transformation technologies will keep their position up in the year to come.