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Technology In Hand Of PINKI

My Dream: PINKI a girl from rural area Will Place order on e-commerce website Tohapha.com and receive product Next Day will really prove Digital India

Saturday June 25, 2016,

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I was a call center Guy a year before, working for a famous e-commerce website. What i felt there, Coverage of e-commerce in our country is in limited area. E-commerce is boon for people working in MNC. They do not have time to shop, just select and order. But real question is, If we are doing business online, and Internet is expanding its coverage to rural areas, then why not e-commerce should also expand. Why not Pinki can order frock from internet? 

It was 19th April 2016, When i shared this proposal of " The Perfect Marketplace " with one of my colleague and response was highly negetive. It becomes highly disappointing when you share your innovative idea with your near and dears for some good cause and they either Ignore you or warn you with list of difficulties. A month later i met with my old neighbour MR ALOK MISHRA who was excellent website developer and thus team formed. 

I and Alok was working on weekends sometime 6 hour a week or sometime 3 hour a week but we did not drop our idea. On November 19, I quit my job and dedicated my full time to Tohapha, I raised fund from my sources. Till that time our seller panel was ready. I started sending emails to sellers to come online and sell there product with Tohapha. Now big question was of next day delivery. It was possible for Metro cities but was a big deal for rural areas as there were limited sources. Discussed with so may courier partners but no one became ready on our deal of Open + Next Day Delivery. 

It was time when i was about to drop my idea of E-Commerce in rural areas. That evening i was at Model Town Jheel with one of my close friend. I discussed with him. He suggested me why not you open your own channel partner. Idea was not so bad but it will need lots of investment. Finally i decided that i will have my own channel partner. 

I started another company Tohapha Trading with one of my friend MR UMESH BAGHEL. Primary function of Tohapha Trading is to do wholesale of electronic Goods and will function as trusted channel partner of Tohapha Internet Services LLP. Finally a year later, on pilot project Tohapha have his own channel partner Tohapha Trading operating in Madhubani, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur and Sitamarhi district of Bihar. We have our own Store from where customer can pick there product or on customer request we will give open delivery. 

It was my dream which seems full fill, Now Pinki can also order frock from online and we will deliver product to her doorstep with Open Delivery. Its true, it is on small scale but definitely we will touch sky. A small step is needed to cover whole path.