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Pencils Have Erasers – Mishaps Don’t – So Protect Your Workplace With Huge Range Of Flange Guards By Pranjal Polymers

Our live is priceless but a near miss can pull you in the troubles. Be a safety smarter and protect your workplace as well as the workforce with the world class flange guards. Pranjal Polymers is focused in specializing the protection of the various industries from the leakage of acids, oils, gases, alkaline, etc. and safeguard your employees.

Tuesday January 10, 2017,

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History has been evidencing various catastrophic accidents caused due to the leakage of disastrous gases and liquids. A small spill causes the loss of many lives and harm of property. To safeguard yourself protection is the first step you should take to keep hinders at the bay. A variety of acids, oils, steam and other chemicals are used or stored in various industries which are even disastrous when they come in contact with the environment. The leakage of such chemicals causes fire, explosions, and other disastrous effects on the man and machine. Flange guard is the basic entity which is designed to seal the liquids, gases and steams inside the pipelines and keep you dry.

Flange guards stop leakage at the source and prevent spray outs as well as the formation of the mist while turning a leak into the safe drip. Pranjal Polymers is the topmost name in the global market area which is the leading manufacturer of Flange Guards. With a huge range of flange guards and other liquid sealing products, we are the prominent manufacturers of the complete range to safeguard your employees and you from various hazards. We deliver the products at your doorstep as per your convenience. Our huge range of the products includes Flange Guards made with various materials as per the demand of the customers, PTFE Gaskets, Bellow Guards, Spray Guards, PTFE Products, Earthing Jumpers, Acid Spray Shields, Flange Protective Cover, PTFE Ring, PTFE Bellows, PTFE Lined Bellow, Nut and Bolt Protection Caps, etc.

We manufacture products that are geared towards all process piping systems including Process Pipelines, Industrial Manufacturing, Water and Waste Water, Transfer Pipelines, Oil and Gas Exploration, Refineries, and Marine industries worldwide. We are located in Maharashtra and serve the entire range of the products to the global market areas. Our products are delivered to your doorsteps through shipping within the specified time. We are the team of dedicated technicians and engineers who is engaged in providing quality products, with the excellent services and solutions to the customers. Pride and integrity is the perfect blend of what we do. We are committed to manufacture the high quality products to prevent leakage, spray outs, mist formation and corrosion in the chemical industries and others.

Why Should You Choose Our Amazing Products For Your Industry?

 Designed For High Performance: The products we manufacture with the high quality raw material are designed to give you precise application and performance. The devices are easy to install and remove. They are also reusable for many applications. We have protective products to keep you safe and dry.

 Quality Policy: We have quality policies to manufacture the precise quality products for the various industrial applications and are manufactured with the advanced technologies. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the highly advanced machineries and latest technologies.

Huge Variety Of Products: We have a huge range of the products to meet the demand of various industries and all the products are designed with the latest technologies. The products manufactured with the advanced machineries to keep the leakage and corrosion at the bay. Our mission is to give you the precise quality products to the global market area.

 Cost Effective: The huge range of the products manufactured by our talented engineers and technicians are highly demandable for the best quality and affordability. We love to serve every small organization and startups so our prices are wallet-friendly to fit everyone’s pocket.

 Our Global Presence: Being the topmost Bolt Protection Caps Manufacturers, the customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have armed across the international and the national market area to reach every industry. Our mission is to reach as many as small and big organization to serve them with the best quality products.