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Should school uniforms be compulsory?

Friday February 09, 2018,

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Do you also have a picture of you going to school for the very first time? With a little grumpy face, school uniform and water bottle? One of the best parts of our childhood is going to school. We all used to be in a hurry to grow up while we were in school not realizing this is the best part! But who invented the school uniforms? During the 16th century, charity schools who took care of orphans and people living in poverty invented school uniforms- this is due to the lack of garments. This tradition has still been retained by most of the schools, and there is a lot of debate if it should be supported or not.

Advantages of School Uniforms:

I. Peer pressure regarding clothing is not there

If there is uniform, everyone has to wear the same cloth. When every student is wearing the same standardized material, there is no peer pressure and judgment due to costumes. Your friends don’t tease you for not wearing clothes of a particular brand or any fashion styles. This helps in building a better relationship with the students.

II. There is uniformity between students from all the socioeconomic classes studying

When all students wear the same uniform, the socioeconomic distinction made between them is less. Although higher levels may afford better brands, the overall look is almost the same. This helps in framing the mindset of the students where they don’t see poor and wealthy people differently.

III. A discipline emphasized and decorum maintained environment

Maintaining control and dignity in school is essential. The character, mentality of the child, is formed during this period which makes it extremely important to keep them under the eye. Children in uniform get a feeling of being under a strict provision which makes them pay attention in studies, do their homework regularly and build better friendships.

IV. They are not much costly

It should be ensured that everyone can afford to uniforms and there is not a lot of money spends on clothing. Getting branded jeans or dresses can be costly. You can provide two school dresses in that money.

V. It doesn’t take much time to get ready

When there is a specific uniform, students don’t waste time in the morning standing in front of the closet deciding which outfit to wear. Students in school tend to spend a lot of time just in determining which cloth to wear so that they look nice. This shouldn’t be the mentality. A school child should consider the school where the primary focus will be education.

Disadvantages of School Uniform:

I. Reduces Individuality of student

Many students might want to pursue fashion later. When there is a strict school uniform, students fail to express their style. Students feel they should act like a group rather than acting as an individual.

II. Students try to rebel

Uniforms fail students to stop expressing themselves. They look for loopholes in the system and exploit them. They might wear some expensive jewelry or style their hair or wear branded shoes instead.

III. Some new uniforms are even more costly

Many people who are under the poverty line find it difficult to afford school uniform because they are expensive. They would instead prefer wearing something simple that they wear in the home.