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That’s how you can design a DIY E-commerce store in just a single day

E-commerce stores- the online shops with variety of appealing products with an easy pricing has set its essence to our life catering products and services at doorsteps. Have you ever thought of your own e-commerce store?

That’s how you can design a DIY E-commerce store in just a single day

Wednesday June 07, 2017,

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Well! It’s quite easy to launch a fully functional and organized e-commerce store within 24 hours. All you have to do is to collect all ready made web elements and just put it all together. Now you are ready to step up. In this article, we will discuss all those elements, from where to collect them and how to arrange them for a productive e-commerce site.

There are thousands of active online stores, designed by proficient web designers with basic yet engaging web design that acts as a magnet to pull customers and make them spend some, over shopping. Before starting your own site, have a close look at those website designing and the basic elements they share as common. What you get? A creative design, well crafted content and bunch of colorful products and shipping procurement. Yes for a functional and great looking e-commerce website, these are the building blocks.

Pick a Design Up

E-commerce website development is not that simple to be designed within a day. Rather investing more in designing a website, it’s better, easier and cheaper to rent a ready made website available at Shopify and other such similar services. However you can’t cut out the design selection step, it being crucial for customer engagement to make them buy at your store. It is wise to go with a simple and mobile friendly design to offer the customers better user experience. Focus more on the store functionality over store decor with banner and animation concept.

Fill In Content

After having the design in place, think of the content part. Divide the whole content into chunks and decide which one to write and which one to collect from others. You can get return policy documents, terms and conditions and other such common text from similar websites to add them to yours in minutes. You have to create a company profile or “about us” content as of your own. Lastly, fill the product page with appealing content and check all grammar, spelling and content clarity to complete the web content. As this content is editable, worry no more. And there is no need to finalize the content at once to make your e-commerce store go live.

Add Products and Ready For Shipping

Once the basic setup is in place, plan for products and shipping methods. For ease, install a drop-shipping app like Oberlo that takes the responsibility to drop the products at your store and deliver the required products to the customer after your conformation of the order.

This is how you can set up your e-commerce store in a day without much effort and technical assistance to market your products. Later you can extend this store with multiple elements to make it congenial for web traffic optimization to push up conversion rate for your website.