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SEO checklist for your small yet a worthwhile business

Often this question has arisen that why do a small business need SEO? Is it really required for my small business?

SEO checklist for your small yet a worthwhile business

Saturday December 30, 2017,

3 min Read


There are other marketing tactics that can very well fit my small business requirement and I can manage it on my end. Statements like this have been rife in the small business world and the owners remain in a back seat when it comes to applying SEO to your business. What in the world is SEO and how would it benefit your small organisation?

Search engines are the most common method today search for any XYZ product or service in the market and hence it is obvious that to make your presence visible on the web, you need to play with the SEO tactics. Although SEO is a principled and multi-layered discipline and there are numerous factors that can affect it. Let us see what will happen if your business does have an SEO friendly website. These are the basic tips from the experts:

No SEO would easily mean no visibility on the web. If you do not take any action here, the search engines will not show results of your website when a search is run.

On site and off site, both SEO is required and you just cannot rely on one.

Start as soon as possible, the more delay you do the more prone your business becomes from the strong hits of your competitors.

Try and find out your competitors and start observing them.

Two websites cannot be same. If your competitor has applied a technique, it is not necessary that the same technique will work for you.

SEO is a long-term thing. It is the turtle in the race and hence you cannot expect immediate results.

If you have heard that spending lavishly on SEO will only help then this is a wrong notion. Even a small budget SEO has the ability to give good results.

Start using Google console and Google analytics and taking help from Google is better than taking help from someone else.

You can further use Pay Per Click along with SEO and this addition will take you a long way.

Keeping a check on your content. If your content is plagiarized, you can be penalized for the same.

If you do not know anything about SEO and are on a tight budget, there are numerous affordable small business SEO packages in the market and if you still wish to do it all yourself, here is the checklist that will help you:

Your Website.

Your website should be reliable, fast and authentic. It should be well-structured and free from any flaws. It should give a pleasing experience to the user.

Your Content

Check your content. The best habit is to change your content periodically and add new and fresh ideas to keep it updated. Remember one thing; Plagiarism is a sin so stay away from it.

The Content Marketing

You should know the tactics of content marketing. Infuse the relevant keywords in a balanced way throughout the content so that search engines get a fair idea of what your website is about.

Local SEO

This is also important that you provide your local location, address and contact number etc. The search engines list the local destinations on the top of the search results.

Authority Building

Provide strong backlinks to your website to make it strong and powerful. These links are correlated with the search engine results.

Once you take care of these small points, you are halfway done. It is always advisable that you can some help from an SEO expert before you actually enter the digital marketing arena.