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How to create an artist profile

An art profile gives you the opportunity to let the world know that your art has been set apart from the rest. This article lists some essential points to keep in mind while creating an artist profile.

How to create an artist profile

Wednesday April 25, 2018,

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A well drawn out artist profile is one of the most effective ways to engage with an audience and to draw them towards your work. An artist profile speaks exclusively about the work an artist creates and helps to portray them to the world. Though there are a lot of mediums that an artist can do this through, speaking coherently about the pieces of work that they are proud of and listing chronologically the entire body of work would indeed do the trick. A well thought out artist profile can attract potential buyers and stir the interests of institutions and art galleries.

An art profile lets the world know that your art has been set apart from the rest, about the distinctive approach that you have incorporated into your paintings and portraits and the story you want to convey. The unusual materials used to create the masterpieces, the canvas that you have spent hours on trying to perfect the final product and much more can be effectively achieved once you have an artist’s profile to rely on. 

A carefully crafted profile that does not have any unnecessary information is what you need to escalate your work, bringing it on to the radar for everyone to see and it is this that we are here to assist you with.

Build a Story

Building a story behind your work of art is necessary for it to resonate with buyers and art enthusiasts. And before you do that, know what it is that you want to convey. Who is your target audience? Does your work relate to your own personal history? What are the characteristics that you want to stick on to? How is your work different from the generic paintings? Your profile needs to be concise and completely to the point. In order to do so, go through these questions and jot down your answers. A story would eventually begin to form.

Here is an example of versatile Indian artist, Anuj Malhotra’s profile:

“My compositions are an earnest effort to bring forth a new perspective filled with imagination. We often forgo the simple pleasures while we seek something better in pursuit of surviving this life. My paintings are attempts to play with all that goes unnoticed and unsaid; to all that, we wait for in a day and moreover to all that the unknowable future holds.

My works are a result of a search for newer and better perspectives and new horizons. I have a series of successful solo and group shows under my belt. My paintings are contemporary with a blend of acrylic and mixed mediums.

I am currently working on a series called SILENT future which talks about the unchartered, unknown future that currently doesn't exist but is silently waiting to unravel.

Customized Artwork:

I am available for large as well as small customized works (Mixed Media paintings) for an Individual as well as Corporate clients.”

The Very First Sentence Matters The Most

The way you start your artist profile is key as it is this that would engage your audience and readers from the get-go. Avoid long and complex sentences and do not try to cram it with too many adjectives. Concise and sharp is how you want your introductory line to look like. It would also help if you invest in some search engine optimisation and place some most searched keywords in the profile to enhance the article as most of your readers would be available online.

Valluri Venkata Swamy is a senior artist and his artist profile tells his story:

"Valluri Venkata Swamy was born in a tiny village and presently lives and works from Hyderabad. He has been painting in all mediums for the past 50 years.

Swamy did over 2,500 paintings in water, oil and acrylic colours in traditional and modern styles on paper and canvas. He held 22 solo exhibitions on the themes of Village, Rocks, Nature & Environment, Electrical Power, Nehru and his Vision, Hyderabad 400 years, Bullfight, 50 Years of Indian Independence and Ganesha besides general themes in various parts of the country and also participated in a number of group shows. His works are in collections of various dignitaries in New Delhi, USA, USSR, West Germany, UK, and those of many other Indian and foreign personalities. His paintings were exhibited at Art Expo New York 2011 etc.

He has also received a number of awards in the field of Fine Arts and was honoured by the Andhra Association and Andhra Educational Society, New Delhi in 1982. He was also honoured by Smt. G.T. Tumen Bava, External Affairs Minister of Kirgia, USSR, and His Excellency Rebort Arbuthnott, Minister for Cultural Affairs, British High Commission, British Council Division. For his outstanding contribution in the field of Fine Arts, Swamy was honoured with the 'Ugadi Puraskar' 1998 by the Delhi Telugu Academy, which was presented to him by the Vice President of India. Swamy's name was listed in the'Limca Book of Records 1993’ edition.

Author of several research papers, articles in literature and Fine Arts, Shri Swamy's books ’For Hyderabad’ and ‘My Inner Vision’ were acclaimed by one and all in the literary circles. Shri Swamy received ‘Honorary Doctorate’ in Literature for his English Poetry Books at the World Congress of Poets held at Sydney, Australia during 2001."


Know Your Audience

It is important to know who the audience is that you are catering to. More often than not these individuals, even though would be very interested in the art that you are offering would not be fully aware of the names of the artists that you are comparing yourself to. Make your statements clear and refrain from using famous names to highlight your work. Let it be short and simple and coherent as it would easily draw clients to your work.

The artist profile of Senior Indian artist, Bhaskar Lahiri showcases his achievements and participation.


1986 Diploma in Fine Arts, Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship Kolkata

1986 3 years course, College of Visual Arts, Kolkata under the guidance of eminent painter Subhaprasanna Bhattacharjee

Award & Recognition -

2009 Senior Artist Award, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

2008 Drawing Award, Annual Exhibition Birla Academy, Kolkata

2002 Camel Art Teacher Award 1986 Certificate of Merit, College of Visual Arts,

Kolkata Exhibitions -

Group Exhibition - more than 15, like in 2011 “Hues Of Spring” Artist Centre, Mumbai, in 2010 “West To East” Halo Heritage Art Gallery, Kolkata, in 2009 “Trend And Form” Birla Academy Show, in 2008, 07, 05, 03, 02, 01, 2000, 1987 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, etc

Participation - more than 30, like in 2011 ( Kolkata ) Annual Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Christmas celebration at Sri Art Gallery, “Durga show” at La mere Art Gallery, Exhibition at k2 art gallery organized by Aspect art Gallery, Exhibition organized by “Aspect art–Birla Academy” in 2010 Exhibition organized by INFAC-Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi and Exhibition organized by “Creative Wave-Academy of Fine Arts”, Kolkata, etc.”


Be A Bit Elaborate And Let Your Clients Know You

It is important that your profile talks exclusively about your art. In order to do so make sure that you pick a painting that highlights easily what you have been trying to list in words. This makes it simpler for your audience to comprehend. A short description for each of your work also helps.

However, your audience would also like to know a bit about yourself and what influences you to produce the kind of work that you do produce. For instance, talk about your formative years or the turning point in your life that made you choose art as a profession or an important visit or event that made you fall in love with the world of art.

Self-taught artist, Seby Augustine tells about his inspiration and how he became an artist.

“It really sounds so easy to write about yourself when asked for it, but believe me, it is not so easy when you start to do it. But at one point in time in our life, we have to do it. And this is what I have to share ‘about me’.

Since born and brought up in a family of hardworking farmers as ancestors, I am a farmer by birth. But, by nature, I am a dreamer and it turned me into a graphic designer and later transformed me as an artist.

As part of my job I stayed in different parts of the country, worked with various organizations, introduced to wonderful people, and gathered valuable lessons and beautiful memories. I learned from my surroundings. Yes, I am a self-taught artist and still learning, and I believe learning is a never-ending process.

If you ask me about the inspiration behind my works, let me give that credit to my surroundings, nature, the people, the places, the incidents happened in my life.

I love this journey. I love to make this journey more beautiful with a constant and deliberate effort. And I am using this as a platform to share my happiness I am achieving through these artworks.

Thank you for being part of it!”


Simple yet Effective

Artist bio should be simple, which highlights the relevant points which can easily describe everything, what you want to say.

The following artist profile tells us about an emerging Indian artist Sreya Gupta.

An Indian Artist, Jewelry Designer and Gemologist. She expresses her work through art be it painting or jewellery. Her work tells a different story engaging the audience to know more. Most of her works are inspired by Nature and Indian Culture. She believes in versatility in art and likes to explore different mediums and styles. Her works are the visual treat of colours, textures and designs enhancing the subject.

Educational Qualifications:

2011- HSC Arts, Assam Board

2009- Diploma in fine arts (Distinction), Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, affiliated to Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata

2015- BFA, Birla Academy of Art and Culture in Visual Arts

2016-17- Master in Gem and Jewellery - Sawansukha Institute of Gemology and Jewellery Design.

Profession: Contemporary Artist, Jewelry Designer, Gemologist. Diamond Grader and Assorter.

Group Shows:

2012, 2013- Annual Show, Swar Sangam, Birla Academy of art and culture. Kolkata

2014- Summer hues, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

2016- Artex show, Kolkata

2018- Colour & Palettes, Birla Academy of art and culture. Kolkata

Awards and Recognitions:

2009- Ankan Ratra (Distinction), Ankan Bivakar (Distinction) from Bangiya Sahitya Parisad affiliated to Rabindra Bharati University, West Bengal

2006- 2012- Scholarship from Centre for cultural resource and training, New Delhi”



Proofreading entails using the perfect grammar, syntax and spelling while presenting your article for the world to see. It is always advised to enlist the help of a professional proofreader or a copywriter to do the job for you as they would be well-versed in it and would be equipped with adequate skills.

The following artist profile tells us about an emerging Indian artist Kirtiraj Mhatre.

“I think that God has given birth to me paint the picture. When I was unable to understand this world for that time, that is near about age of 4th or 5th I was practising to depicting the nature. As I was growing up, I was keeping my interest to present the great beauty & nature according to my imagination. I had completed my school education & got admission to art college. The skill full professor guided me to improve my skill, and I put my interest in Landscape art, Realistic paintings, Modern Art, Abstract Art paintings. In my paintings natural elements and caves impact paintings you can see, but with that classical paintings. I am eagerly interested in modern ideology too. my education is A.T.D. in Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, later, I made paintings in acrylic and oil colours. I made paintings like abstract, modern, figurative, landscape and various type of paintings

Testimonial : Group Exhibitions: Tapadia Art Gallery – 2006 Welcome Art Gallery, Aurangabad – 2008 Neharu Art Gallery – 2010 Chatrapati Shivaji Art Hall, Latur – 2011 Education: Foundation, A.T.D. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Later Solo Exhibitions: Tapadia Art Gallery, Aurangabad – 2004 Welcome hotel Rama international – 2009”



Keep the above points in mind while drafting your artist profile and receive the positive feedback that you have been looking forward to.

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