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Glaxy Chopra
22nd Sep 2016
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In December 2013, the journey started from visiting a Public Health Centres in the state of Himachal Pradesh for business interest through marketing and sales of medical equipments. There was a huge untapped potential these PHCs(Public Health Centres), as our network started growing on a tremendous scale in 2014, we started getting more confident with each sales.The annual release of funds for each PHC was approx 2Lac/annum.The first order was procured from a small village Sultanpur, Distt Solan(H.P) where the building of PHC was under construction. While procuring this order we realised that the Doctors face number of problems and the one which stands out from the rest was even while knowing the products they donot have any channel of knowinghow to buy or the various variety of products available in the market.We worked on this problem, started touring hard and far, with only one only one mission in our head, to solve this problem for doctors, We wanted to give them variety with economy.

But as its always said that“it starts by doing what is necessary, then doing what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Our most heart touching incident took place in August 2014, where we visited a PHC in the ancient District of Chamba(H.P) and met the Medical Officer, who told us that if the products that we were marketing to them now would have already been installed in their premises, lives of 6-7 people could have been saved a week before, wo had died beause there were not enough Medical resources available. The reasons for the same where that there was not enough reach of Medical Device Industry representatives.

Our team increased from 1 to 2 then from 2 to 3,however we were facing problems ,solving and helping the doctors to find the right Medical device for their patients. While some of the major problems our team members were facing were :

1. Transperancy in the procurement of Medical Device sector.

2. Single vendor monopoly in the area.

3. No actual documentation.

4. People from Purchase department took time for creating a comparison of products, price, specification etc.

5. Tender release and middle men involved in that

In July2015, we decided to come to Chandigarh and registered a company by the name of “HOSPYTEK”.We initially started with an E-Commerce website but within 3 months of research we found that there were lot of flaws in the entire system. So, finally in December 2015, the office was set up in Zirakpur and the procedure was stared:

• Hiring

Hiring of employes were done from different background excelling in there area of forte.

• Departmets

The departments were devided according to the need of this industry. There were Sales, Purchase, Operations, IT, Marketing and Accounts.

• Trainings

There were trainings that were given to the employees like Sales calls, Purchase calls, tender participation, Field trainings, Sales pitch of selling medical equipment.

After 3 months of continous and vigorous Market researchand survey from our sales and marketing teamswith vendors, manufacturers and institutions(Government/private/doctors) in Chandigarh Tricity region,we came out with the following outcomes:

1. There is only one side of the channel that is automated.

2. Through Indiamart is also there but with that there is only generation of query and on the other side there is no closure for the same.

3. Both the processes, Vendor/Manufacturer’s quotation generation process and Institution’s lead generation should get automated.

4. Price comparison ifor Medical Devices is not available

5. Key features/Specification comparison for Medical Devices is not available

6. Brochures for these products are not readily available.

7. Instant quotation generation is not available or time consuming.

And then after investing 6 months in time and money our IT Depatment developed our very own “HOSPYTEK” Software and which weproudly launched on 9th September 2016 at Medicall Expo in Pragati Maidan Delhi,which is the only online platform which connects Medical Device Vendors/ Manufacturers directly to Medical Institutes. In less then a month we built a base of more than 500 manufactures allaround India with more than 20000 products and having more than 1500 dealers all round India readily available to supply products.

At Hospytek we allow users to directly interact with the vendors and place orders, help vendors in inventory management,Vendors to interact and perform various sales and purchase related activities in a more transparent and time efficient manner. 

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