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Creativity is a joy, expressing your inner self.

AddaFe... Anything Creative

Thursday June 09, 2016,

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AddaFe: What is it 

AddaFe is a social network for creative people and those who like creativity.

Here people can upload their photography, painting, music, can publish a book, read classics , listen to music and take part in live open table discussion with their aficionados. 

Can upload their sparkles of thoughts quotes, poems here : AddaFe Think Sparkle

AddaFe: The Call

The floating clouds, the wind blowing over my face. The maple leaves baffled- some laughing out loud other just gave a “quite a natural look”. Few of the finches has come to my window- they are the good alarm clock. The new Sun. Today is a beautiful day! A few days back I was wondering what it would be like if we have no clocks at all. Do we really be able to count our days? 

Why do we need to do that?

I know, these seem quite out of the place in the hubbub of modern busy life. But, at some point in time in our life, we really love to STOP and think over a cup of coffee - what is the real purpose of this life! A life that is full of mundane hues and chores, stick to the schedule, do activities.

Why can’t we STOP and THINK – what we are getting being busy? Are we happy? Why can’t we rediscover the creative leisure?

I remember when I was a child I used to scribble, but they are meaningless to the common eyes. In fact, I also sometimes could not figure out why and what I have done. But I used to enjoy that blank meaningless flows a lot. Sometimes it takes a shape of some realistic objects, sometimes it is just scratches of ink. And those were the first footprints of creativity! I still keep that habit and enjoy the scribbles. 

Creativity is the expression of your inner joy, pulling out the inner you- the Universe itself. Each of us are creative. We create infinite streams of thoughts, all the time. Sitting at a cubicle somebody is dreaming of the Christmas bonus so that he can decorate his house in a novel way! This also creativity, a joy in day-dreaming.

Music that is heard among all, Colors that is seen by all are nothing but the continuum of primordial vibrations- the origin of sound AUM. We give many names, defined many objects, We behave different ways. No object or being or human are the same. Yet there is a rhythm. Seven colors are differently appealing your eyes but you like the rainbow as a whole! role?

Technologies have advanced in the galactic  way. But in this aeon, we keep on forgetting who we are! We hardly find time to write a verse or a simple painting. We are the creator of the clock and we now chase it. 

My dear friends, I invite you to the next paradigm shift in human civilization- the rising of creativity. The appreciation of creative leisure – the mother of all human advancement. Let your inner self be blended in oneness with million others. Let the music of unheard and the words of unspoken flow in all of us. Let us do anything creative. Let us engage in refreshing creative adda – the intellectual discourses turning into ‘satsangh’! 

Join and show your creativity in front of the world.  Appreciate and be appreciated! Cherish your favorite sparkles of thought. Find fresh new works of art, literature, crafts or music. Bring the joy of life back within you. AddaFe - Anything Creative!